How to grip a tennis racket

Two Handed Backhand Grip Right hand at the bottom of the grip. This is a tremendous posting, im glad I came across this. If you move your hand further round, the wrist comes into play, and it puts the racket into a much deeper position, which allows you to hit up the back of the ball a lot more and generate more spin. Tip 4 What are String Vibration Dampeners? Post navigation

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Eastern Grip. 1- Hold the racquet at the throat, and then shake hands with the grip. The base index knuckle should be on the flat side bevel. 2- Extend the index finger as in pulling a trigger on a water gun. This is the eastern forehand grip. All Tennis Grips Explained Clearly. The tennis grips you use have a big influence on your style of play. This is because the tennis grip is one of the factors that determines how much of spin you put and how much of pace you generate. One grip is not better than another. You should select a grip that helps your style of play. The type of tennis grips you use will have a huge bearing on the types of strokes you develop, and on your overall instance, if you would like to develop an aggressive serve and volley game, you should avoid using the Western grip .