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The odds of a complete outsider to presidential elections and the political system itself winning the nomination would have been almost miniscule a year ago, but Trump was such an inspiring figure on the campaign trail that the political betting odds makers greatly favored him in his quest for the White House. It is a long way before November 8, , but there are lots of candidates to watch for. What is 'My Favourites'? Meanwhile, Labour face resignations and Sweden's election Recent Updates

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By navigating our site, you agree to allow us to use cookies, in accordance with our Cookie Policy and Privacy Policy. Mayor London slams government plans and says Britons should vote again on Brexit. Meanwhile, is now the time to back a young outsider for next Tory leader?

Reports have circled this week that MPs are planning to overthrow Theresa May but is there are truth in it? The Tradefair team brings you the latest from UK A hodgepodge of political events in the UK this week - involving everything from Russian agents to Boris Johnson's private life - has made the headlines. British Intelligence services have made a significant step forward in the investigation into the Salisbury nerve agent attack.

The Tradefair team brings you Paul Krishnamurty previews Sunday's big election in Sweden, where a far-Right party is once again making hay and sending shockwaves across the continent The Prime Minster says there will be no second referendum and no compromises on the Chequers plan. Meanwhile, Labour face resignations and Sweden's election President Trump says Google has chosen to ignore his two State of the Union addresses. The Tradefair team brings you the latest from US politics But this past Tuesday night, the betting world was treated to a shock that left us all in a deep state of stupefaction.

Early Wednesday morning, the results could no longer be denied and it was clear that Donald Trump had become the 45 th president-elect of the United States of America. Continue Reading Controversy Ridden Elections August 8, Political Betting Fans of online betting are used to betting lines featuring sports teams the top sportsbook s available on the web are offering wagers on the US presidential election.

While most online betting fans are looking to get away from politics but the select few who think they know which candidate will be moving into the white house. The elections will take place on the second Tuesday in November as is tradition. On one side we have a candidate who in June of last year no one knew was going to run for president and having NO elective office experience he took on 16 other candidates and came out triumphant. His historical success in the world of politics and hitting 14 million votes is something that you just cannot ignore.

He changed the way people look at politics. Running against the odds and political correctness that been haunting Americans for years.

Donald Trump has surfaced against all odds as the Republican Candidate for the Primary presidential elections of the United States. August 18, Political Betting Many betting lines for the presidential election are often impacted by third party candidates. From Ross Perot in to Ralph Nader in , many third party candidates have impacted the election in some way, thus making it easier for betting lines to be influenced in some way.

The American Presidential race will be exciting but at the same time there will be loads of different candidates. Expect every spike in the crisis, every official announcement, to drive significant market moves. The theory that betting markets offer a better guide to predicting the 'real' or non-sporting world than conventional, mainstream media sources is fast gaining traction, following a long series of correct political predictions. Even at the recent UK General Election, in which few predictors covered themselves in glory, the market proved a better guide than opinion polls.

Though the scale of Conservative victory surprised everybody, Betfair's main most seats market moved decisively and progressively in their favour over the final days. This despite an almost unanimous belief amongst pollsters and pundits guilty as charged , that the race was 'too close to call'. Arguably a bigger test of the market's predictive abilities lies in this summer's big news and political question - will Greece be forced to leave the Euro?

Once again, expert opinion is divided and uncertain, and that is reflected in the current odds. The latest market trends suggest a dangerous rollercoaster ride for the people and economies of Europe over the coming months. Yes even briefly hit favouritism earlier today, matched at just [1.


Farage has been cut from /1 into 16/1 to become the next Mayor of London in , following the same betting patterns on Donald Trump becoming President. 9 days ago. British Politics Betting Odds. View all available outright and match odds, plus get news, tips, free bets and money-back offers. All you need to bet. 18+ Certain deposit methods excluded. Select odds boost in your account. Up to £50 bet at boosted odds only. Min one boost per day. Excludes enhanced odds markets and complex markets. T&CS Apply.