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In theory, odds can be shown in any format no matter what the game. Punters can watch cricket odds live alongside the match they are betting on, taking away the need to be in front of the television in order to build an accurate picture of matches as they unfold. Their aim was to ensure a full cricket match could be played and completed outside of office and school hours, with each innings of 20 overs lasting no longer than 90 minutes. Can You Bet On Cricket? Online Cricket Betting Explained

Betting On Cricket: An Introduction

Three-Way Betting

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Pujara's numbers stack up Ed Hawkins crunches the numbers for the final time this series and uncovers value on the runs quote markets for game five at The Oval, from Friday View market Ed Hawkins 06 September Leave a comment. England v India Fifth Test Betting: Both sides untrustworthy without assistance from pitch Ed Hawkins previews the dead rubber last game of the series at The Oval from Friday and expects more of the same These parlays are usually a long shot since so many teams have to win, but in the end they are also some of the highest paying games.

You can pick teams to cover the point spread, over or unders, or moneylines in a parlay and sometimes you can mix in different sports. Pleasers are some of the highest paying bets, as they take the spread and then subtract points, making it harder to succeed. Then you also have to combine them into another bet of the same type in order to win.

The payouts are huge, but it is not likely that these will come in unless you have the utmost luck or some sort of inside knowledge. Teaser bets are the exact opposite, int hat you can adjust the spread to be more favorable, thus lowering your payout but increasing your chances of winning. Either way, these are some of the more exciting ways for you to wager. There are also " If-Bets ", which allow you combine two bets.

The first bet has to win for the second bet to have action. If the first bet fails, the second bet doesn't come through. If you win the first bet, you can then use the winnings on the second bet, essentially building your bankroll. American odds have become incredibly commonplace, despite the fact that they are not as easy to read as other formats. As an example, American Odds read like this:.

In the example above, you can see that Team A has the lowest number of the group and are considered to be the favorite to win this bet.

And, with a little bit of manipulation, you can see how these odds will pay if the wager ends up being a winner and that is what we're all here for Fractional betting odds are the easiest to understand. Just about every single sportsbook that caters to Americans has the option available for fractional odds. And, while they may seem daunting at first, you don't really need to understand complex fractions in order to utilize these odds.

Lets look at an example:. In order to best understand these lines, you first need to look at the ratio to 1. Once you have determined this, you can figure out the favorite. To figure out which side is favored, you simply need to figure out which is the lower number.

Fighter A's wager is the clear favorite as it is the lower number. So, how do you figure out what these pay? Anytime fractional odds are displayed at a value of less than 1, the bettor must risk more than they intend to win if the wager is a winner. And, the opposite can be said for if a fractional value is more than As you can see, the payouts are in the fractional odds, you just need to know which way they go based on if they represent a value greater than or less than one.

Decimal odds are slightly more confusing than most other types of odds. In fact, we prefer not to use them when we bet but that is just our preference.

Regardless, we are going to give you a little insight into these lines, as we want to give you insight about all of the common types of odds available. Once television companies cottoned on that T20 could offer the quick-fix excitement that many 21st century sports fans and punters demand, it was only a matter of time before the volume of matches at the top level increased. Like ODIs, captains have to deal with fielding restrictions in T20 cricket.

The first 6 overs are set-up to allow batsmen to have the space and freedom to hit boundaries, with just 2 fielders allowed outside the 30 yard circle. The remaining 14 overs allow a little more breathing space for the fielding side, with 5 fielders allowed to patrol the fences. Both limited overs formats are in the main aimed at allowing batsman to entertain the crowd with flat pitches, shorter boundaries and lots of runs often on offer. Different skills are required for players to succeed in the shorter formats that aren't otherwise required in Tests.

With every passing year, cricketers that only excel in ODI or T20 cricket are not only gaining more respect with the cricket watching public, they are also becoming richer men with advent of multiple domestic T20 competitions round the world. Suddenly being able to hit a six off the first ball you face is considered just as skilful as being able to grind out a Test match fifty on a dodgy fifth day pitch. Domestic cricket has never been in a better place for a cricketer to make a living. T20 cricket is responsible for this, with nearly all the major nations hosting their own annual tournament, meaning punters can not only bet on international tournaments or matches, they can also bet on cricket matches played domestically around the world.

Many of the worlds best limited overs cricketers are now effectively freelancers for multiple T20 sides. Away from T20 cricket, each country has its own First Class and List A tournament s that runs in parallel to an already packed international schedule. The County Championship four-day competition is forever popular amongst its loyal followers in the UK and the Sheffield Shield First Class competition provides a stern test for Australia's future Test match stars.

Both of these tournaments are popular to bet on and you can access cricket odds live throughout these two domestic competitions with a number of leading bookmakers,.

Given the history of contrived results in First-Class cricket captains often agree to declare an innings in weather-affected domestic cricket to ensure a positive result bookies will not offer odds for a draw in these, meaning draw-no-bet is a fantastic way to have a practically risk free cricket bet online.

First of all you should not have a set amount to bet on each match. Like any successful bettor, never exceed a maximum amount that you can afford to lose and never, ever chase loses. By not having a set amount you feel you must use per match, you will only bet on outcomes that you can.

What do cricket betting odds represent? Let's consider an example. India are playing England in a ODI. India are at odds of 1. What does this mean? Well, betting odds represent a likelihood often referred to as the ' implied probability' of an outcome occurring.

So in our example, India are at odds of 1. These odds reflect the bookmaker's assessment of India's chances of winning the match. So what are the chances that India at odds of 1. We can answer this with a simple formula:. If you want to be a successful sports bettor, then understanding the probability expressed in betting odds is crucial.

To put it simply, you enhance your chances of being a profitable long term cricket bettor, if you understand the probabilities expressed in betting odds and know how to convert odds to their implied probability.

So you've placed a bet on an upcoming cricket match. How much will you win if you place a bet on a team and they win the match? This is a very simple calculation:. How much profit will you make on your bet if India wins?

The most important thing when it comes to profitable cricket betting, or any form of betting for that matter, is to only bet when you have identified betting value. Are the odds of 3. Whenever the value is greater than 0, we have what is known as a 'value bet'.

So given the odds of 3. So why should we only bet when there is value? If you do this consistently, you will be a long term profitable cricket bettor. For more information on betting value and cricket staking strategies, read the following articles. What Is Value Betting? There are a number of ways you can bet on cricket. Most bookmakers now offer a deep menu of cricket betting markets, giving you the opportunity to find a range of value betting angles to exploit, whether it be betting on test cricket, one day internationals or the increasingly popular T20 format.

Here we explain the most popular cricket betting markets and how you can profit from them. The most popular market to bet on a cricket match is of course the match outcome.

In limited overs matches we have just two possible outcomes, that either side can win. In Test matches we have the third possible result which is of course the draw. Betting on a series outcome is a very similar to the above. We can bet on the likely winner, plus the overall exact series score. When betting on Test matches always remind yourself that draws are becoming less and less likely due to ever increasing run-rates — only inclement weather or a very flat pitch tends to get in the way of a positive result nowadays.

This can be a hugely profitable market as trends often appear, such as leading run scorers batting inside the top 3 positions of a batting line-up in limited overs cricket, as they get to face the most amount of balls and bat when opposition captains have to have the field up during a power-play.

Highest opening partnerships can be an interesting market to play for punters as well. Quite often a certain batsman struggles against a certain bowler see Atherton example above and as such some research into how individual batsman do against certain bowlers can yield decent returns.

Like in any sport, certain players have an x-factor which makes them prime candidates to put in a special, match winning performance. A batsman that is known to make quick fire hundreds or a bowler that has a tendency to deliver a spell in which he takes multiple wickets are prime candidates to pay out in the Man of the Match market. Another growing market for punters is betting on the number of boundaries - be it total number of fours or sixes scored.

This can be a team match up, where some sides will be packed full of players that have an ability to hit sixes with ease, yet other sides might contain batsmen that look to work the ball into gaps and hit fours.

There are also some grounds that suit six hitting, be it due to small playing areas think Christchurch, New Zealand or matches played at high altitude where the ball flies further through the air think Johannesburg, South Africa.

Key to finding value betting opportunities is developing a range of cricket betting strategies. There are a number of ways to analyse an upcoming cricket match, no matter what cricket format you are betting on. Here we discuss five keys to identifying cricket betting value.

No other sport in the world is affected by playing conditions more than cricket. Let us start with the the uncontrollable — the weather. Anyone who bets on cricket online knows that a look at the weather forecast over the duration of a cricket match is vital in order to gauge whether or not the rain gods are going to impact on how much play we have. Naturally if we have lots of rain forecast for a Test match, the draw result becomes much more likely as less cricket is played.

Over the course of a five day Test match we might expect some rain, but we need to research the venue and the location to find out how much play might be lost. Also remember that in some countries the sun sets quicker and much earlier than in others, meaning any lost overs will struggle to be made up over the remaining days of a Test.

A Test match that sees several hours lost to rain in say Sri Lanka will struggle to find enough daylight hours to make that time up than say England, where play can go on to as late as 8pm and still be playing in bright sunshine.

When reading up on your cricket bet tips remember to double check rainy seasons! Tests carried out in Asia, in particular Bangladesh and Sri Lanka are often squeezed in out of season, and monsoons can wipe out entire days play. Often cloud cover assists swing and seam bowlers to such an extent that certain grounds become several times harder for batsman when the cloud rolls in.

Finally, keep in mind that run-rates are forever increasing making draws much less common than they were previously. Along with conditions the weather, cricket betting odds and the match type itself are often dictated to based upon what surface the players are given by the groundsman.


Three-way bets are a great way to make sure you get at least some sort of payout from a cricket match, even if your chosen team doesn't quite make it to the result you hope for. Essentially, you're placing bets on a team winning, losing and drawing a match. Here's an example, to show you what we. 2 - Cricket Betting Odds Explained First of all you should not have a set amount to bet on each match. Like any successful bettor, never exceed a maximum amount that you can afford to lose and never, ever chase loses. Cricket Betting Odds Explained The most popular method of cricket betting is the single bet. With there being two teams there will obviously be a favourite and an underdog.