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Were the test routes difficult? The way the backs line up tends to be dictated by the side putting the ball into the scrum or the lineout. Number 8 is the only position that does not have a specific name in English and is simply referred to as "number eight" or "eighthman". In-town residential areas are assessing you driving ability for passing parked car distances, meeting oncoming vehicles whilst navigating parked vehicles and often these roads are used for test manoeuvre purposes. It is becoming increasingly common for outside centres to have the pace and agility to be able to play on the wing whilst also retaining the size and strength to act as a key defensive lynch-pin. Documents and downloads

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The role of the inside centre. by Dan Cottrell in Team Management. PRINT ; The basic role. These are the aspects of the game that the inside centre (12) must perform, over and above the normal core rugby skills and team play: Click here to sign up and get free rugby drills, tips and skills twice a week. A rugby centre needs good handling and running skills to carry out the team plans. Break through. What to expect if you make this your position. If you're coaching young players, use these rugby coaching tips to make sure your outside centre makes the most of his pivotal role in deciding when to commit to .