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Our recommendation though is to use Racebets for live streaming events. A minimum bet will allow you to view all races from the meeting and they have an extensive range of international live streams. Replays of races from Hong Kong are usually available to view from ten minutes after the race. These may be viewed on the Hong Kong Jockey Club website. This website uses cookies. We use cookies for things like security, optimising performance, remembering your preferences and providing the best possible user experience.

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Strictly Necessary Cookies should always be enabled. Basic functionality will be affected if these are turned off. If you disable this cookie, we will not be able to save your preferences. If a huge team sponsor pulls out or a new one comes in, you have to follow the money and see the effect it is having. What tends to happen in F1 is often seen in other sports as well.

Teams or competitors that generate the most revenue tend to become more and more dominant over time, until the governing body of the sport makes changes to even out the competition level and make the sport more exciting again. It is likely that at some point before the season, Formula 1 will put into place some sort of major rule that creates more competition.

Keep an eye out for when that happens, and remember that the stats above will mean less after it does. From there have been twenty two back to back winners. Only three times in 6 years did one of those drivers go on to win the third race in a row. That was in when Jenson Button won 4 straight and in and when Sebastien Vettel won 3 in a row and 4 in a row.

However, the stats show us how difficult it is to win 3 races in a row, so look to place your bet on another top driver instead. From , of the thirteen back to back winners, two of them occurred during the final two races of the season.

Without getting close to even-money or better on this bet, based on a Getting even-money for a podium finish wager on the favoured driver is highly unlikely anyway. By the way, in after Jenson Button won four races in a row, he did not finish on the podium in the fifth race. Speed Row bets for F1 races are wagers where the punter decides between 5 predetermined drivers, and chooses who will have the highest finish in a race.

In Speed Row betting, drivers are put into groups who are generally considered to be fairly evenly matched. However, these random drivers tend to have very random results as well, making it difficult to find value.

The easiest Speed Row bets to pick are ones that include the top 5 drivers in a race. We already know that only a small number of drivers will win races each year. Even within that group of drivers, we can usually narrow it down to who will ultimately take the checkered flag. The difference in a Speed Row bet is that punters are given lower odds on each driver versus bets on outright race winners because everyone else in the race is removed from the picture.

It comes down to this. The easiest way to pick consistent, winning Speed Row bets is to bet on groups that include the top 5 drivers in a race. Most often, that group will include the race winner. So, why do the bookmakers offer Speed Row bets? In this somewhat rare case, winning bets can be made. A little extra research now and then is never a bad idea.

Cliff notes on the information below: Find the winners of the last two races and pick the driver with the greater odds. However, if the winner of the last two races is the same guy, pick someone else. For more clarification, keep reading.

The first step in picking a driver for an online Speed Row bet is to eliminate the two drivers who are least likely to win. You should not eliminate a driver who has won one of the prior two races, unless they won because of a fluke accident or something out of the ordinary.

Then, figure out if one or two of the remaining drivers have won either of the last two races. If one driver has won the last two races back-to-back, the numbers discussed above suggest that we eliminate him, leaving us with two drivers that have a more likely chance of winning. If none of the remaining 3 drivers have won the last two races back-to-back, we have three drivers left to consider.

At that point, you have two drivers left to choose from. Have either of these drivers won on this track before? Does this track favor one driver over the other? Of course odds play a large part in this decision as well. Podium bets are just as they sound. In Speed Row bets, drivers have to finish first in their grouping. In Podium bets they do not. If the odds are too low, it might be a better idea to find the driver you think can finish 2nd or 3rd and get better odds.

The driver who accumulates the most points during a season wins the F1 Drivers World Championship. Futures bets for the Drivers World Championship are offered at most online bookmakers well before the season begins.

Some online sportsbooks end these bets when the season begins, others keep it running, with adjusted odds until the championship has been clinched. Historical data really only tells us what we already knew, which is that a small number of drivers tend to be in the battle each year. From — , only 9 drivers have traded the top 3 positions each year. From those 21 top 3 finishes, 8 of those 9 drivers have finished in the top three times.

One driver Mark Webber, 3rd place in has just one top 3 finish. In the last five years — , five different drivers have won the F1 Drivers World Championship.


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