Heavy favourites to win it all on home soil and become the first to lift the World Cup trophy for the sixth time, the Brazilian squad lost in one of the most shocking matches in World Cup history, conceding four goals in six minutes on the way to a annihilation. Credit or debit cards are popular in both unregulated and regulated jurisdictions, and they are the fastest way for those who cannot fund e-wallets to deposit; such as those in the United States. The following list showcases a few of the great online soccer sportsbooks. Uruguay June 15, What Are The Best World Cup Betting Sites?


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It is the most crucial thing they can do to get a leg up on the sportsbooks. Be sure to check back to this page throughout the tournament, as we will be updating it with breakout performances as the tournament progresses. There are hundreds of players that will be at the World Cup. However, out of these hundreds, we are still able to pick out a few that will have a strong impact on the tournament—that is how good they are.

These players have shown promise since the early onsets of their careers. From then on, they have put on historical performances for both club and country. Watch out for these players in the World Cup.

Neymar is one of the youngest talents in world soccer. What makes Neymar so alluring is how he plays. He has the typical Brazilian flair but taken up a notch. Neymar makes his opposition look like youth soccer players. His speed is practically unmatched and his free kicks are something to behold. Neymar does suffer the woes of being a young talented player in terms of being selfish at times, but he has matured over the past couple seasons.

He suffered a back injury during the World Cup that saw him take an early exit, crushing his hopes of lifting the trophy on his home soil. Now, he has his health and a renewed focus on winning the tournament.

The world of soccer is lucky to have Messi. Arguably the greatest player in the world, Messi continues to blow people away with his performances year after year. The Argentinian plays for Barcelona and has enjoyed much success with them. His national side seems to be cursed when it comes to major trophies, as the country has yet to win a World Cup or Copa America with him in the lineup.

That just goes to show how soccer is a team game. While Messi may be the best on the planet, he still relies on his teammates like any other player. Messi has a total of 61 international goals for his country. His dribbling skills are out of this world and his left foot has produced some of the most beautiful free kicks anyone has ever seen. Messi is approaching the twilight of his career, but he has continued to improve and refine his craft.

Messi will be on full display in Russia and he will likely leave it all out on the pitch since this may be his last international tournament. Ronaldo has also never won a World Cup, but he helped Portugal claim its first Euro Cup championship just 2 years ago.

Ronaldo is a prolific scorer with 81 goals for his country. He has a wicked shot that can curl in from any angle. It is particularly lethal on free kicks. Ronaldo will be in good health for the World Cup barring any injuries in the Champions League final. He is the go-to guy for the Portugal squad, meaning most of the offense flows down his left flank.

At this point in his career, Ronaldo serves as the captain of the team and as a leader. His experience should help him in his quest to lift his first World Cup trophy.

Belgium may very well have the best squad they have fielded in some time. It is mostly the same players, but they have matured into incredible players. De Bruyne is the perfect example of this. The young midfielder just had an incredible title-winning season with Manchester City in England.

His engine is impressive and De Bruyne has provided some of the best passes and crosses seen in recent years. If Belgium has any success in this tournament, De Bruyne will be a major contributing factor. A soccer team cannot perform well without an adequate midfield. De Bruyne has emerged as a frontrunner in the position and has it what it takes to put on a show this time around.

The top 2 favored teams are Germany and Brazil. Germany is the defending international champion and Brazil is always considered amongst the top rated. France is another country projected to do well, and they should with their talent-laden roster.

Spain and Argentina are the next 2 teams listed in most sportsbooks. Portugal has yet to win a World Cup in the Cristiano Ronaldo era, and with the superstar getting older, this may be his last chance to prove something. The same can be said about Lionel Messi with Argentina, and although Messi is a tad younger than Ronaldo, some expect him to retire from international duty after this tournament. Other teams to watch this year are Belgium, Croatia, Iceland which surprised everyone in the Euros by advancing as far as they did , Mexico, Colombia and Uruguay.

Week 4 Recap France bested Uruguay in a dominant matchup. Week 2 Recap The World Cup Group Stage has come to an end and there were several points of interest throughout the closing phase.

Week 1 Recap Week 1 of the World Cup was jam-packed with action, though some moments stood out more than others. Neymar — Brazil Neymar is one of the youngest talents in world soccer. Lionel Messi — Argentina The world of soccer is lucky to have Messi.

Kevin De Bruyne — Belgium Belgium may very well have the best squad they have fielded in some time. Saudi Arabia June 15, 8: Uruguay June 15, Iran June 15, 2: Spain June 16, 6: Australia June 16, 9: Iceland June 16, Denmark June 16, 3: Nigeria June 17, 8: Serbia June 17, Mexico June 17, 2: Switzerland June 18, 8: South Korea June 18, Panama June 18, 2: England June 19, 8: Japan June 19, Senegal Matchday 2 Of 3 June 19, 2: Egypt June 20, 8: Morocco June 20, Saudi Arabia June 20, 2: Spain June 21, 8: Australia June 21, Peru June 21, 2: Croatia June 22, 8: Costa Rica June 22, Iceland June 22, 2: Switzerland June 23, 8: Tunisia June 23, Mexico June 23, 2: Sweden June 24, 8: Panama June 24,


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