Rugby scrum-half

Which woman is more appealing and why? Annoy the oposition forwards as much as possible. The various positions have changed names over time and many are known by different names in different countries. The ball must roll flat across the middle of the scrum. The positions are divided into two main categories; forwards numbered 1 to 8 and backs numbered 9 to Scrum-halfs

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Being a halfback you are the 1 of the most pivotal players on the field. You need to learn to get a feel for your opposition because if you can't do that you will never be a great halfback.

This is speaking from experience as I am a former New Zealand school boys rugby halfback and New Zealand colts halfback. You need to be able to communicate with both your backs and forwards in such a manner that everyone is on the same level as each other.

Looking for the right time to kick, pass or run is a huge part of the game because if you make the wrong decision then it can affect your team in horrible ways. Now as for players to watch. Personally when it comes to quick thinking and having an eye for the game George Greegan is the man, as much as I hate to admit that for passing, try and look for New Zealand rugby in the way of Jimmy Cowan or Byron Kellaher.

They are 2 of the swiftest and strongest passers of a ball I have ever seen. Well hope this helps a little. Watch the good ones as much as you can on TV Know every law there is and how far you can push them with the ref you have each day. Annoy the oposition forwards as much as possible.

They are dumb fat kids and will soon swing a punch at you giving you a penalty. Take the penalty quick and get your team 10m forward - don't let your fly half kick everything. First, stay in control.. Your main role is to transition the ball between the forwards and the backs, so you have to be able to see downfield, get the ball out quick, and recognize when to let the forwards keep bashing away. Good safe passes won't be particularly sexy, but will keep your team in control of the ball.

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Could i get points from kick off in rugby leage if it goes over the stix? Why do professional Rugby Union players wear tape around their head and legs? How old does she look? I think baseball is dumb? It's about being confident in your understanding of how the team are trying to play and being able to implement those ideas as an individual. If a scrum-half just shovels the ball out time and again, he isn't a threat and as soon as he's not a threat, the focus of the opposition back row and inside backs goes on the fly-half.

Good scrum-halves like Scotland's Mike Blair and Chris Cusiter and Wales' Dwayne Peel have all the traditional skills but you can't take your eyes off them for a moment because if you do, they're through the gap and gone and they've got the pace to finish.

Having that threat creates more room for their own backline because the opposition back row have to check for a split-second to see what they might have up their sleeves. But you have to understand when to make breaks and when to pass and that comes from instinct and experience. E-mail this to a friend Printable version. Rugby World Cup blog. Thank you and goodnight. Heading back to old Blighty.

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Passing is a core skill in rugby for all players but for a scrum half it is also their key positional skill. A look at the stats for most passes made in the opening rounds of the Six Nations put Ireland’s Conor Murray out front with passes, in just two games. A rugby scrum-half is the vital link between forwards and backs but you do much more. Find out how you will be good in this position. The scrum-half's basic role is to deliver the ball from the base of the scrum, ruck or maul to spark the backline, but that is too simplistic and ignores hundreds of other key characteristics. The traditional skills of passing and kicking are obviously important and you need a broad range of those.