NCAA tournament projection: Northwestern belongs in the bracket for now

This rubric awards 3 points for each team correctly picked, 3 points for each team correctly seeded, and 1 point for each team not seeded correctly but within one seed line. Unlike, say, college football, Bracketology has no "recency" penalty for losses. While last week was big in terms of getting closer to cementing seeding at this point, anyone ranked fifth or higher can lose the rest of their games and still earn a bid , the next seven days give us some more room for squeeze, but it won't be nearly as hectic. If necessary, trigger nested updates in componentDidUpdate. Navigation menu

Bracket Bits: Metrics and the top two lines

Prepare For Madness

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44 rows · The NCAA Tournament committee should come clean on how it will determine NET results Bracketology: Kansas and Duke are at . 27 rows · OFFICIAL RESULTS: Average Seed: MATRIX: Crazy: Gade: MSF: . rows · NCAA bracketology for from the number crunchers at .