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The juice cost money and this is exactly why you should have several sportsbooks in your back pocket. There was no way of knowing before the game that Bryant would get in foul trouble, but once you have that information you can often use it to your advantage. The NBA may seem daunting when it comes to betting the spread and you can believe this to be true. In this case, we used the Kelly equation for proportional betting. The Timberwolves probably make it interesting and win the game. The Secret of Success

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NBA Quarters Betting by Trevor Whenham - 11/29/ When it comes to betting the NBA, too many bettors limit themselves to only thinking about which team will cover the spread on the whole game. Dec 03,  · someone on here has probally already done this before but i noticed the home team has a nice percentage of winning the 1st quarter! here is the breakdown month by month for the enitre NBA season. We pride ourselves on our NBA betting systems. We consistently maintain a winning percentage of 54%% across all major US sports by utilizing statistical methods, economic models and research tools commonly found in the financial world to unlock value in the NBA betting marketplace. Each.