A Southpaw’s Slick Defence – The Outside Parry!

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How To Fight As A Southpaw

Left-handed boxers are usually taught to fight in a southpaw stance, but right-handed fighters also fight in the southpaw stance. Fighting in a southpaw stance is believed to give the fighter a strategic advantage because of the tactical and cognitive difficulties of coping with a fighter who moves in a mirror-reverse of the norm. This is why left-handed fighters are brought up fighting in this orthodox stance. Another reason some left-handed fighters are brought up fighting in the orthodox stance is due to the real or perceived limited number of trainers who specialize in training the southpaw stance.

A skilled right-hander, such as Roy Jones Jr. In addition, a right-hander in southpaw with a powerful left cross obtains an explosively different combination. The converted southpaw may use a right jab followed by a left cross, with the intention of making the opponent slip to the outside of his left side.

Then the converted right-hander can simply turn his body left and face his opponent, placing him in orthodox, and follow up with an unexpected right cross.

If the southpaw fighter is right-hand dominant with a strong left cross, this puts the opponent in danger of knockout from each punch in the combination, as jabs with the power hand can stun or knock out KO in heavier weight classes. While rare, the reverse is also true for left-handers; left-hand dominant fighters like Oscar De La Hoya and Miguel Cotto who fight from an orthodox stance give up the so-called "southpaw advantage" strategically, but are gifted with heavier lead hands.

Consequently, in MMA if one stands in a southpaw stance strongside forward , one must train one's cross and left low kick to make it fast, hard and dangerous.

Though many claim that the term originated due to the orientation of baseball playing fields in order to keep the sun out of the players' eyes and the resulting alignment of a left-handed pitcher's throwing arm, [1] [2] the term had been used decades prior to that to indicate "not-usual".

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For other uses, see Southpaw disambiguation. He feels that the jab, the hook and the rear cross are all coming from the wrong side. As such a southpaw is considered dangerous, unorthodox and best avoided. Mike Schreck was a heavyweight boxer who fought during and is one of the first boxers to be recorded as a southpaw.

But he was largely unsuccessful in his boxing bouts against the top fighters of his time. Chaney, a featherweight and a lightweight boxer, during scored ninety-two knockouts from his hundred and thirty-seven winning bouts. Brown fought from as a lightweight champion and scored nearly sixty knockouts from his ninety-three winning games.

But it was only with the coming of Lew Tendler, a great southpaw boxer during to , that the southpaw boxer got his share of respect and honor in the game. What made him unique was that in spite of his southpaw, he delivered straight punches in the most perfect manner. Though he never won a title, he was considered a formidable fighter. Al McCoy, a middleweight boxer from , became the first southpaw champion winning against George Chip on the boxing bout in Brooklyn, New York. The all time famous southpaw fighters during were Marvin Hagler and Pernell Whittaker.

What is Southpaw in Boxing? Print Email Save The opposite of a right-handed person is a left-handed person who is also called the southpaw. Content What is the history of the southpaw? Who are the famous southpaw boxers? View the discussion thread. What does the word Fandom, mean?


Being a southpaw sports Jujitsu competitor looking to improve boxing skills, I love this tips and have found them to work very well. Please provide more southpaw tips. Reply. Southpaw Guide to Beating Orthodox Fighters. January 9, by Johnny N Boxing Strategy, Boxing Styles Comments. But I’ll save that for another boxing article 😉 Final Southpaw Tips. If you’re a southpaw boxer reading this guide, life should be MUUUUCH easier now against orthodox boxers. Just remember that southpaws hold the. Boxing Tips for Southpaws: Beat an Orthodox Fighter. Southpaw boxing tips: make the most of your natural advantage. So, you're a southpaw. Leftie scourge of the orthodox boxing world.