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May 19th, , Want to add to the discussion? DriveHUD — Best online poker tracking software. Where is it guys I've seen it here before and I thought I bookmarked it but I can't find it. Run It Once

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Their 7-day window was already an inconvenience, but having no hand history at all is just unacceptable for any on-line poker site. I wrote support but got the usual reply: When I go to download the hand histories the same hand is duplicated over and over numerous times. Being able to download accurate hand histories is what the players are able to do to protect themselves from collusion or other suspicious activity at the tables.

What timeline can I expect for this problem be resolved? Software update on Ignition tonight! Hand histories look good so far. No word on whether they will retroactively let us get more than 7 days And annoying since they were serving corrupt hand histories for a couple of weeks.

I'll send a VERY modest btc transfer your way if you can get me running as well. I was able to get FPDB played on SwC to work on an older version of windows but I failed miserably trying to install it on this machine thats running windows When I try to import the files manually I get an error on every single hand. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

BB code is On. All times are GMT The time now is Page 1 of 3. Send a private message to matt Find More Posts by matt Find Threads Started by matt Bovada Hand History Converter Has anyone tried this out? Send a private message to Mythranite.

Find More Posts by Mythranite. Find Threads Started by Mythranite. Bovada Hand History Converter Quote: Originally Posted by Mythranite Has anyone tried this out?

Originally Posted by matt I'm guessing I'm the only one who uses it. Additionally, please avoid posting adult content. We're here for poker! Do not ask for any type of ghosting while playing and follow Reddit's user agreement. Posting multiple threads a day in excessive use. This includes non-relevant posts to poker, pushing your news site, shilling your cryptocurrency speculations, excessive shit-posting, and continuing to post content after you've been specifically warned not to by the mod team.

Where is it guys I've seen it here before and I thought I bookmarked it but I can't find it. Calm down buddy, it's bovadas fault, plus In my experience I would NOT buy bovada hand "catcher", instead I would buy bovada hand "converter".

Unless they have updated the hand catcher which I highly doubt they have, it misses hands that you play and there's no ways to try get them imported.

Bovada hand converter on the other hand works like a charm. If you have any questions feel free to ask, I have quite the experience dealing with converting my hands into a tracker. Yeah I don't use it. Originally Posted by John A. Originally Posted by Acesinthebig. I don't know just doesn't seem right, but I'm not familiar with these programs at all, so I was just asking.

If I fold to someones bet I can go see what they had? I may be wrong, but if the program uses your hand history history, it won't contain that information. Only if the hand makes it to the river and it's been called, then you can see their cards. I thought so but if you click on the link in the post in this thread, thats exactly what it claims to do.

Bovada hand histories include ALL the players' hands. Even if they folded pre-flop. So, yes, you can actually see all the cards at the table. Originally Posted by vinnie. April 27th, , 3: I was shocked at first too, when I found out that you could see every hand at the table. This is the only site I have seen this at. May 19th, , 8: Because the database can see all the cards held by the players, it will calculate your equity based on which players were active on the round you got all-in on.

It won't calculate it based on who actually got all-in. So, if you and another player get all-in pre-flop, your equity will be calculated against all the players who were dealt cards even if they folded to the BB. If you get it all-in on the flop, every player who saw the flop with you will be considered when calculating your equity even if they fold to the shove.

Here's an example hand for the second situation: The results show the following equities: I couldn't figure out what was going on.

Until I added the CO's hand into the mix. Now I see the right numbers. This isn't a major deal, but it's something you may want to be aware of if you use the EV line in evaluating your own play. May 19th, , 9: May 19th, , I guess there's a pro and con here. Personally I don't really care about all-in EV.

Although that's not really a good indicator. May 23rd, , 9: Yeah, I don't use it much myself. I just happened to be reviewing hands with a friend and noticed that the numbers were off.

When I figured out why, I found out the numbers were off every time someone folded when an all-in was called. May 23rd, , I like it for dick-waving purposes myself -- specifically I like seeing my actual C earned being much higher than my all-in EV because it means my potshots and bluffs are working, which is super-satisfying.

But I agree it's a bit pointless. May 25th, , 5: We're going to add an option to disable having every card shown for those who think this stat is of value.

Personally I've never used it. I think seeing the cards is far more valuable than an EV stat. June 9th, , 4:


The Ignition Hand History converter solves this problem by converting hand histories directly from Ignition Casino, or Bodog into an easily importable format for use with your Holdem Manager 1/2, Poker Tracker 3/4, or Poker Office database. Easy-to-use interface that makes tracking your play on Ignition Casino simple and easy. Hi Guys, We're launching a new bovada hand history converter. It will take all bovada hands and convert them into a format for easy import into . Hello all, I am playing at NLHE. But for the interest I want to play on Bovada poker. But, neither Holdem Manager or Poker Tracker supports the importing of Bovada poker hand histories into their databases. Recently I have found Bovada Hand History Converter to solve this problem by converting hand histories directly from Bovada or Bodog which is .