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Jump rope as fast, long, and hard as you can. Even if you're all talented individually, learning to work well as a unit is necessary for success on the court. I find it easier to shoot when I have the chance of looking at the backboard a second earlier, but it is difficult for me to shoot when I keep looking at the backboard. In a defensive crouch, the ball should come no higher than your mid-thigh. Send a FastTrade

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This was a nice action run by John Beilein against the Syracuse Zone On the wing pass, the Zone is forced to make decisions on priority coverage In this situation, x4 got caught and 5 was able to hit 4 on the baseline for an easy lay-up - in the next sequence when this play was run, the defense adjusts, but this time 5 is free for an elbow jumper See More.

Gonzaga has a very powerful forward in Harris who at 6'7 can power his way thru most forwards This is a simple way to get isolation on one side for an athletic and quick Forward See More.

Here is a good quick hitter for your 3 man. This play can surprise the defense if run out of a time out. It is also effective to force a player in foul trouble to defend your best player in the open floor.

There are two additional options if 3 drive is cut off. Use this stack set for options to work the ball to a post player on both sides of the lane. The video below is not of this set itselft, but the base horns floppy action. While this is happening, 1 and 4 set a double stagger screen away for 3 in the corner.

This is a great time for several things: Click here for more plays by Dave Nedbalek! The guard will either get a score, or the big man will get a stop. Then they clear out and the other group goes. There is a scoring system which I talk about after these instructions. Once a guard has played against one of the bigs they move onto the next one. I recommend telling the players to rotate clockwise. The guards all get one point when they score and the bigs all get one point when they get a stop.

Catching the ball in a shot-ready or athletic position is a good way to improve your form. By being ready to shoot the ball when you catch it, rather than getting ready to shoot the ball after you catch it, you can improve the speed and accuracy of your shots. You should look as if you are getting ready to jump in the air. This will provide you with some extra power when you make your shot.

Identify your most comfortable shot pocket. Your shot pocket is the position where you shoot the ball from and this is different for everyone. Try to identify the most comfortable shot pocket position for you and stick with that position. Focus on what seems to work best for you. The position of your arm, hand, and head can also influence the accuracy of your shots. You can check yourself in a mirror or have a friend check you from the side. Follow through and hold.

When you shoot the ball, make sure that you follow through with your shot by snapping your elbow. Following through and holding after you shoot the ball will help to improve your shot accuracy.

You should begin your shot in an athletic position and then spring out of it as you make your shot. Keep your body in this extended position after you make the shot. Stand on one leg.

To do an elbow drill, you will need to start by making shots standing on one foot. Standing on one foot will help to improve your balance and it will increase the difficulty of your shots as well. Start by standing near the foul line and making a shot standing on one foot. Hold the ball with both hands.

Standing on one foot should add enough of a challenge to start things off, so use both hands to make your shots when you first start doing elbow drills. Change spots as you shoot the ball. Shooting in one position may help you to master shooting from that spot, but it is a good idea to practice shooting from varied positions.

Try to cycle through some different shooting positions to challenge yourself in different ways. Increase the difficulty when you feel ready. Move onto one-handed shots when you feel ready to increase the difficulty of your drills. Make sure that you use good form like you did with your two-handed shots. You may need to go slower until you perfect your form for one-handed shots.

The most likely reason is your shooting hand is off more to one side of the ball. Try to keep your shooting hand under the ball as much as you can.


Animated basketball play called post isolation. From the categories: offense , offense man and post play. Playbook Plays & Drills Animated basketball drills Animated basketball plays Play of the week Static plays & drills Animated basketball plays Category. Isolation is the simplest play in basketball and, very often, the most effective. Learn what it is and how it works. Isolation is the simplest play in basketball and, very often, the most effective. Learn what it is and how it works. How Basketball Teams Use Isolation Play for Points. Search the site GO. Isolation is a type of offensive play used against man-to-man defense. The idea is to give the ball handler room to play one-on-one against an inferior defender by preventing the remaining defenders from joining the play.