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The payoff will be greater than the money line wager. Read our rankings all season long to help you decide who to bet on in the NFL. In that time, a lot has changed, and a lot has stayed the same. The Best Sports Books In Las Vegas

The Bills are so bad, one of their players quit ... at halftime

Joel Embiid misses half court shot to win fan $25,000 at Drake concert

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Instead download the new and improved DBS3 client here and install it, then use DBS3 icon on your desktop to login and view your desktop odds. Not even the Cleveland Browns can step back after a winless season. The AFC West is one of the most well-rounded divisions over the past 20 years.

The Chargers finished their last season with 9 wins out of their last 12 games after going at the start of the season. The Raiders are up and down throughout the season, whether it being game schedules or starting their season with 4 games out of Oakland. A year after playing a franchise record five prime-time games, the Raiders are under the lights four times in With the return of Ryan Tannehill, Miami Dolphins look to bounce back from a lost season, the Dolphins feel like a middling team teetering on another rebuild.

Late-season games against the Patriots, Jaguars, and Minnesota could determine their season. If everything goes as planned the New England Patriots will be able to make their patented late-season push. While still rebuilding the New York Jets are heading into their third consecutive losing season and eight consecutive years out of the playoffs, in other words, when do they start playing in ?

The AFC South has had trouble performing at the same level as the other divisions. With the returns of J. The Jacksonville Jaguars are predicted to become the AFC South Champions for a repeat of last season, the offense has been improved with the addition of Andrew Norwell and ranked as the fifth highest scoring of the season. With 4 going to the Green Bay Packers who supposedly have the toughest schedule this season on paper.

Tough start to the season facing Green Pay and Seattle, but their schedule lightens up considerably starting Week 3 predicted record The Detroit Lions have taken under a new coaching staff under Matt Patricia, however, are still expected to deliver the same mediocre results Detroit has seen over the past few years.

The Lions still face too many holes in the offense the line and run game and far too many questions in their defensive line pass rush and interior line for them to be anything special this year, but the draft could change this predicted record Bank Stadium since it opened in predicted record The Dallas Cowboys have won the most Super Bowl titles with 5, however, their offseason has not been great with free-agent losses and the release of Dez Bryant.

The New York Giants have a brutal seven-game stretch to open the season which will be tough to navigate. The defending Champions return with 19 of 22 starters and will be fueled by a talented group of players coming off injury led by Wentz and Jason Peters who stress that Super Bowl hangover is not an option.

The Eagles begin their title defense against the Atlanta Falcons , their schedule is no cake walk as they face seven teams that made the postseason last year. To improve overall, the Redskins need better health for key young players to develop such as Josh Doctson , if these happen they could perform decently this season.

The Atlanta Falcons have a tough start to the season facing the defending champions in Philidelphia. They turn around with back-to-back home games against the Panthers and Buccaneers, followed by another home game against the Bengals.

The main focus for the Falcons seems to be the division race as they close the season at Carolina and Tampa Bay predicted record The two meet in Charlotte during Week 15 and then conclude the season in New Orleans in Week 17 , these games could be the difference between which team goes and predicted record for the Panthers. Expectations remain high for the New Orleans Saints , as long as they can buck their trend of slow starts over the past four years.

New Orleans must take advantage of their early schedule because their final 10 weeks are loaded with playoff contenders predicted record The Tampa Bay Buccaneers lost seven games last season in a one-score game with five decided by three points or less in overtime.

With Jameis Winston healthy and improved chemistry with DeSean Jackson, and a fully revamped defensive line this draft could go a long way predicted record The West division has seen its fair share of Super Bowl experience, the division combines 13 Super Bowl appearances and a total of 7 Super Bowl Championships.

They have stretches of difficulty in both halves of their season, with their late stretch containing; Green Bay, Atlanta, Los Angeles Rams, and the Seahawks.

They did update the projector a couple years ago to a brighter, HD picture, which is nice. At least on our weekend, you now either bet a LOAD hundreds-plus of money for each proposition for a drink voucher or two, or you pay cash or credit for your drinks. And yes, Vegas pricing applies: Related side note with semi-pre-apology to smokers: Too many people here are NOT heeding the Surgeon General's and every other of the trillion-or-so published medical mind's warnings to go ahead and quit the single-worst, nastiest habit ever known to man.

Where is the upside to hacking up an emphysema-ridden lung the last third of your life? Just because you CAN smoke inside here doesn't mean you should.

There's a door to the great outdoors about a two minute walk away from the book. The weather's lovely outside - go check it out. Rant aside, for what it is, this sports book averages out great space with a low-tech approach for a down-the-middle overall rating. It's not bright and not even very big in comparison to other books. The jackass employing use of the bill counter in full sight and earshot of the patrons sure has some cojones.

Are you openly attempting to dissuade wagers? Screens are small and not bright. The main big screen is not that relatively big. This is Vegas -- and -- not some shit casino in Indiana, circa Maybe this whole setup was impressive back during the Atlanta games Summer Mandalay Bay has got to keep up with the competition.

Red Rock puts this book to shame and it's just a neighbourhood casino. On a positive note, there is plenty of seating with even more seats with tables at Grill www. Don't parlay anything; don't become a honey-dicked donk victim of the book. Be patient when cashing that small piece of paper. Some gamblers don't see the clear demarcations for a queue. Or see it and are too stupid to follow established societal norms. Lots of tourists here -- naturally -- especially for larger sporting events.

Not good for kids. Place your wagers early to avoid the lines and be sure to show them your players card to earn points for meals and rooms! Since my buddies over 10 years ago convinced me to come to Vegas for March Madness, we been coming here to watch the games.

Their choice, not mine. It's a large sports book, but the screens are not HD and not bright. All sport books cannot handle the crowds of March Madness and so does this one. I wish they would choose another sports book that has better and more screens. They are a creature of habit, so looks like I will be here every March Madness looking at dim non HD screens and ripping apart all my parlays here.

Great place to people watch and of course bet on some games at Mandalay Bay. The waitstaff is always super friendly and attentive. Odds are not the best but fantastic atmosphere in watching sports. Chairs are like school chairs with arms for your sheets and drink. But, it's not as comfy as the sofa chairs Wynn and Bellagio. I just dont like how there isnt great sound. And they dont have enough personal tvs at all. And the chairs need a upgrade.

But other than that. I told him what happens if i would of left to my room he goes we will of still voided the ticket and I go how is that possible so your saying if I would of left and the parlay would win I wouldn't get paid and he goes NO he said I could offer you a 30 dollar comp towards your dinner.

After that happened I went to Flamingo made same exact bet they did accept it and after the fight I went to pick up my winnings. Disappointed with the Mandalay Bay This is a really nice place to unwind, place a few bets on the ponies, and get comfortable with a drink or food if need be.

Good atmosphere and plenty of screens to watch some games if you're into that sort of thing. Yes the MGM and others, may be slightly better but like all the best, they are super busy.

Make sure you get their early to watch your game and have a buddy save your seat when you leave. They have special lines for bets over 1k which is cool if I were a high roller -- maybe someday. Good set-up -- lots of TVs and decent odds but you have to come back to cash out. Service is horrible there. You would think for a sports gambling place they would attempt to liquor you up, but we had to hunt down our waitress several times and eventually left.

Tons of huge tvs and tons of seats Went for week one of football Sept 7 and couldn't find a seat to save our lives We finally found two seats at the bar in the middle of the sports book When we sat down our attention was on the tvs because the games had just started We sat there for 30 minutes before the bartender talked to us And I asked her for something, she did not at any time as us if we would like a drink That's why the lower stars Other than that, the actual venue is amazing to watch the games!

Great place to watch games you are betting on with a ton of TV's all on the different events going on at any given time. Staff is friendly and accommodating if you have any questions about wagering. Hector, Max, Claudia, and Sean are all awesome! Only place I will bet in person, otherwise it's the mobile app.


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