Toe-to-Toe: UFC Fight Night 99 and 100 Preview and Predictions

Which fighter gets back on track in this headlining bout? The loss of Nelson-Kim at UFC Fight Night 99 hurt, but the rematch between Mousasi and Hall is a spectacular fight, and the much more intriguing main event of the weekend. Which event suffered the greater loss? Son is also riding a 4-fight winning streak, including a TKO win back in April to kick off his schedule. Kamikaze Overdrive MMA Predictions

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Share UFC Fight Night 98 predictions tweet share After almost a month without UFC events, the promotion is back in business with a solid card taking place in Mexico City. UFC Fight Night 98 "Prelims" preview: Complete online breakdown, predictions for final 4 of 7 undercard matches on FOX Sports 1 this weekend (Nov. 5, ) in Mexico: Perez vs. Arantes, Beltran vs. UFC Fight Night predictions, preview, and analysis for the "Gaethje vs. Vick" mixed martial arts (MMA) event on Sat., Aug. 25, , at Pinnacle Bank Arena in Lincoln, Nebraska on FOX Sports 1 and.