NFL Daily Lines - Week2

That was with Hoyer as QB. Though he was picked off three times and only completed 45 percent of his passes, he threw for yards and a touchdown. We literally one of the best safety duos in the league though Not all that impressive honestly. Results and Schedule

2018 NFL Picks & Betting Odds Week 1 – San Francisco 49ers @ Minnesota Vikings Predictions

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For example I'm probably going to bet on the Titans winning their division. They were before his injury, so But that's part of the reason the futures betting is so wonky! You can't make safe bets because injuries are so common in the NFL. And Greenbay notwithstanding its interesting to see only 3 teams that they predicted would land in the top 10 made it to the post-season.

Rodgers is the only thing keeping the Packers competitive in any capacity, and even with him, I think they would've at best had a wild card appearance. The Vikings were built to take the NFC North last season and even the best of Rodgers magic couldn't realistically have beaten them as a one-man team. Their leadership was absolutely useless last season and nearly every aspect of their game except for passing was mediocre. If you don't agree, okay, the Packers sure as hell wouldn't have beaten the Eagles.

Their defensive line would not have been kind to the Packers O-Line, and beyond that the Eagles offense I think beats the Packers Defense without too much difficulty.

As a case study for this, Tom Brady, the god of quarterbacks couldn't beat the Eagles and he had a good team around him. I think this year, not enough has really changed with the Packers and they're gonna be in for a rude awakening as the Lions, Bears, and Vikes have all gotten much better since the last time Rodgers was healthy.

I think a lot of fans are expecting him to carry them back like nothing ever happened and win win win. But we're through the looking glass now and the faults that Green Bay has are painfully apparent. It's gonna take a hot minute for the Packers to be able to restructure back into a competitive team and until then, I think it's too big of a leap to assume that they will end with a record too different from last years.

I think at best last season we could've expected the Packers to do about the same as , so a record with maybe a trip to the Wild Card Round, but I'm not sure too much farther than that. Still not close to ruling the NFC.

Yeah don't worry, I'm saving the comment too. Also I don't think they've paid attention to free agency or coaching hires over the last couple months. Happy for you guys but I have yet to forgive myself for backing off of that one. I figured you were the best "longshot" bet but I hesitated. I very nearly couldn't watch the super bowl.

Thanks for the love, though. I get a good chuckle when people take these takes a bit serious. And since the OP is a Rams fan, I rest my case. If people are this excited about the 49ers in real life, so much for getting Jimmy G at a bargain in fantasy A lot can change but there's no way they're better than any of those teams. How is there no way? I'm not saying it's a sure thing, or even likely but only siths deal in absolutes.

And the point of having pre-preseason rankings is to guess what is going to happen, not base it off last season. I mean if we based it off last season, no one would have thought the Jags, Eagles, or Rams to be any good. So we try and look at what they have gotten in the offseason and try and make a ranking on what could happen.

And sure, their team isn't the best all around but if Jimmy G does pan out, which many people think he will, then they have a decent shot for playoff contention. Hyde is garbage in Shanahan's system. No disrespect to him, but he was consistently getting outplayed by Brieda and led the league in drops and giving up QB pressure. Was never a good fit at all. Biggest acquisition was actually our new Center.

Major upgrade to a bottom tier center in Kilgore and with the rest of our team being healthy this year we could make a massive jump. Hyde was not a lost.

Most of us expected him not to get signed by us myself included. Some of us even wanted him gone I was good either way. Our rookie RB this past season looked better than Hyde at times. Not really the point. With Jimmy G starting they were undefeated last year. I'm not saying they'll go undefeated but he made a huge impact.

But since you're basing it on last season apparently, look who they beat: Not all that impressive honestly. You're right, but I think it's a different situation how convenient, I know.

They didn't have Jimmy the whole season, so you can't just ignore what he did at the end of the season. If you do then you at least have to count him as one of the players they gained. QB is the most important position in the NFL, and Jimmy looked pretty good so his impact could be huge. It's not a power ranking though. It's gambling odds, you can't read it as a power ranking. But seriously they are a hot bandwagon pick right now, and that's because they look to have found a franchise QB.

Yeah I'm a little more pessimistic about their win totals than some, but I also see their floor at 6 wins, with their ceiling being 11 wins if basically everything goes right. I'd say 8 wins but 9 would not surprise me. They have a lot of potential on that team but also a lot of question marks. Realistically I'd say next year they challenge for a wildcard, and in they challenge for a top 2 seed. Of course that said that can all get jumpstarted if they have these young players reach their ceilings, they could go on a Seattle type run with this year being Yeah unfortunately you're probably never going to get to play the lovable loser that everyone roots for once they get good.

You can be really high on the niners as a team and still concede that the slaughterhouse that is the NFC will lead them to miss the playoffs. I think part of the reason the 9ers are above the NFCS is simply because there are 3 incredibly good teams who are all competing against each other. The 9ers are competing against the Rams, a potentially bad Cards team, and a gutted Seahawks team in rebuild mode. The odds of the 9ers making the playoffs as a WC team are higher than the individual odds of the Saints, Panthers, and Falcons because they're not competing with an entire division of great teams.

One of those teams will probably miss the playoffs. Maybe two of them if division cannibalism is high enough. It really is crazy. Especially with how strong the NFC is, this is quite the stretch.

People love themselves a good circlejerk. I posted this as a response to the 49ers over-hype of Jimmy G and got downvoted to like, with no responses. Pump the brakes kids. I mean, homerism aside, that seems like an odd thing to do considering we've won the AFCW two years in a row, and Denver and Oakland both sucked last season. I don't think we're there yet. I love damn near every single move we've made over the last two, obviously the biggest being Jimmy That being said, I believe if we have the same success in this draft as we did last year, I don't see any reason we couldn't be pushing for a Wild Card birth with the potential to upset some big names.

Aaron Rodgers we know how much he is worth and how good he is. I'm usually good at seeing sarcasm in comments but I couldn't tell with your comment at all. Yeah it was just supposed to be a friendly jab but nah Rams hype is too strong for those apparently.

So did the Jaguars We literally one of the best safety duos in the league though Making the playoffs should be the goal every fan base has for their team. Just getting into the tournament gives a team a chance to make it to the Super Bowl. Here are the odds according to betonline.

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