NBA draft lottery

With Dirk Nowitzki turning 40 and committed to returning for what might be his final NBA season, the Mavericks may be straddling between giving the Hall of Famer a proper goodbye and fully committing to a necessary rebuild. Game winners, old-man dunks and a bat: After the coin flip, which was won by the Houston Rockets , the NBA introduced the lottery system to counter the accusations that the Rockets and several other teams were deliberately losing their regular season games in order to secure the worst record and consequently the chance to obtain the first pick. Navigation menu

2018 NBA Draft lottery results, first-round order

When is the NBA Draft lottery?

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15 rows · Detailed NBA lottery odds. View the current odds for each lottery spot to get specific picks. See the chances that a pick is traded based on position. What's at stake for the 15 teams in Tuesday's draft lottery? We break down the likely picks, odds and questions. The NBA Draft Lottery, where ping-pong balls supplant basketballs as the tools of determining supremacy, will be held at the New York Hilton Midtown on Tuesday, May 17 and will be televised.