Madden predictions: Super Bowl showdown will be...

The Saints battled through injuries in , but are fully healthy this season. MLB 11hr ago Willson Contreras mistakenly admired a double off the wall instead of running He really thought it was gone. He breaks down upcoming rules changes. Hey everybody, the Madden predictions are back! The Steelers are getting older, slower and are in danger of missing the playoffs once again. Navigation menu

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But Luck has turned the ball over way too much in the playoffs. This needs to be reflected in his rating headed into next year. I know, we're not supposed to knock Luck because he's a good kid and a good quarterback. However, those turnover numbers don't lie. NFL coaches are control freaks. So, it seems weird Jim Harbaugh would end up changing his pants during a playoff run. If the 49ers were to lose, this would be blamed for sure. There would be a call for pleated khakis next year. Wait, does that really count as a prediction?

Well, I can't say for sure unless you want me to spoil it. No Seahawks receiver will have more than three receptions. The biggest difference in this game comes down to the big-play receivers on both sides. The 49ers have three.

The Seahawks don't have one with the loss of Percy Harvin. Peyton Manning will have an un-Manning like playoff game. Which means he will be good. Manning has been skittish during the playoffs, at least according to statistics and watching the games. Yet, John Elway in his corner will end up doing a world of good for Manning, who will have a chance to settle down and make plays.

The Broncos will still need a solid running game. They will get it from Montee Ball. Knowshon Moreno was the star the last time these two teams hooked up, but Ball will be the game's leading rusher. But Harbaugh is supposed to stick up for his guy. The real question is who will end up with the highest catch rating in next year's Madden game.

That's something to keep an eye on. But on to the prediction. Crabtree's influence is huge for the 49ers. Colin Kaepernick has been a much different quarterback with him in the game. The 49ers will find a way to win. Jack Del Rio and the rest of the Broncos coaching staff will spend the week studying tape of Blount and will find a way to shut down the Patriots ' running attack.

Well, actually, it will be Belichick himself who takes out the running game. Blount will get less than 10 carries, Shane Vereen will be heavily involved as a receiver out of the backfield and Quentin Jammer will be beaten repeatedly in this one. The Patriots will defeat the Broncos to go to the Super Bowl.

Here's me on Twitter. Hit me up and I'll give you my gamer tag and we can play a game some time. He won a Super Bowl as head coach of the Oakland Raiders , and after retiring from coaching became a well-known color commentator for NFL telecasts. In , he was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in recognition of his coaching career.

He is also widely known for the long-running Madden NFL video game series he has endorsed and fronted since Madden worked as a color analyst for all four major networks: Madden has also written several books and has served as a commercial pitchman for various products and retailers.

He retired from broadcasting on April 16, to spend more time with his family. His father, an auto mechanic, moved the Madden family to Daly City, California , a town just south of San Francisco, when he was young. Madden married Virginia Fields on December 26, They live in Pleasanton , California, and have two sons, Joseph and Michael. Joe played football at Brown University and Mike attended Harvard University where he started as receiver on the football team.

Madden was drafted in the 21st round th overall by the NFL's Philadelphia Eagles in , but a knee injury in training camp a year later ended his playing career before he ever got a chance to play professionally. Madden recounted how he became involved with coaching: While I was rehabbing , Norm Van Brocklin would be watching films and would explain what was happening.

I ended up with a degree in teaching, and my love for football meshed with teaching. In , he became an assistant coach at Allan Hancock College in Santa Maria , and was promoted to head coach in Following the season , he was hired as a defensive assistant coach at San Diego State , where he served through During that final campaign, the Aztecs were ranked among the top small colleges in the country.

He helped the team reach Super Bowl II that season. A year later, after Raiders head coach John Rauch resigned to take the same position with the Buffalo Bills , Madden was named the Raiders' head coach on February 4, , becoming, at the age of 32, professional football's youngest head coach to that time. Madden's Raiders reached and lost five AFC Title games in seven years, which left the Raiders with the same image that the Dallas Cowboys had previously had—as a team unable to "win the big one.

Three years later , what appeared to be a last-minute victory over the Steelers instead became a part of football lore when Franco Harris' " Immaculate Reception " gave Pittsburgh a 13—7 win. In , the Raiders went 13—1 in the regular season, and escaped the first round of the playoffs with a dramatic and controversial victory over the New England Patriots.

He retired after the season when the Raiders failed to make the playoffs. Madden retired as a Super Bowl winning head coach and was the youngest coach ever to reach career regular season victories, a record he compiled in only ten full seasons of coaching at the age of He is still the coach with the most wins in Raiders history. Madden's overall winning percentage including playoff games ranks second in league history.

He won a Super Bowl and never had a losing season as a head coach. Madden had a winning record as a head coach against Tom Landry , Don Shula , Chuck Noll and Bud Grant , who are generally regarded as the top coaches of his era. After working lower profile contests for CBS during his first two years, he was elevated to the network's top football broadcasting duo with Pat Summerall in , replacing Tom Brookshier. On occasions in which Summerall was unavailable during the CBS years, Summerall was normally scheduled to commentate on U.

Open tennis tournament during the early weeks of the NFL season , Madden would team with the likes of Vin Scully [14] and subsequently, Verne Lundquist. When the Fox Network gained the rights in , the pair shifted to that network.

Madden, who travels by bus, decided to take the week off because he had traveled from Jacksonville to San Diego, and would have had to go back to Florida before returning to his Northern California home.

Madden was replaced by Football Night in America studio analyst Cris Collinsworth for the game, [17] and returned for the following telecast on November 2, in Indianapolis until the NFL did not schedule Sunday night games for one week in October, so as not to overlap with the World Series taking place roughly around the same time. Madden retired from the broadcast booth in April Madden's lively and flamboyant delivery has won him critical acclaim and fourteen Sports Emmy Awards for Outstanding Sports Event Analyst.

His announcing style is punctuated with interjections such as "Boom! Madden's use of the telestrator helped to popularize the technology, which has become a staple of television coverage of all sports.

He would award a turkey or turducken to players of the winning team. He would also award a turkey drumstick to players of the winning team during the Thanksgiving Day game, often bringing out a "nuclear turkey" with as many as eight drumsticks on it for the occasion.

The drumsticks served as an odd take on the "player of the game" award. Madden stopped announcing the Thanksgiving Day games after he moved to ABC in , but the tradition continued. In , Madden took the advice of NFL coach John Robinson —a friend of Madden since elementary school—and created the "All-Madden" team, a group of players who Madden thought represented football and played the game the way he thought it should be played.

Madden explained, "What does it mean to be 'All-Madden'? It's a whole range of things. For defensive linemen and linebackers, it's about Jack Youngblood playing with a busted leg, Lawrence Taylor wreaking havoc on the offense and Reggie White making the other guy wish he put a little more in the collection plate at church.

It's about a guy who's got a dirty uniform, mud on his face and grass in the ear hole of his helmet. Madden's aversion to flying is well known. Two different theories have developed as to the cause. Having graduated from Cal Poly only two years prior, Madden lost many friends in the accident.

However, it is known that Madden flew up until , when he had a panic attack on a flight originating in Tampa. The details, nature and extent of this panic attack are not known. Madden, however, stated once in an interview that his fears were not about turbulence, flying, or heights , but primarily claustrophobia. The bus was originally painted in Greyhound colors and drivers had to compete for the positions.

Madden never did commentary for the Pro Bowl , which was held in Hawaii during every year of his broadcasting career. Likewise, Madden never called any preseason game held outside of North America, even when his play-by-play partner was on the telecast. Madden found an unexpected use for his bus in New York after the September 11, attacks , when he provided transportation for former ice skating champion Peggy Fleming , whose flight home to Los Gatos, California had been grounded.

In contrast to Madden's aversion to flying, his wife Virginia holds a private pilot license. Previously the show was on every weekday with one show at 8: Pacific Time and often another at 9: Since his return, Madden airs on Mondays and Fridays only, at 9: Through the years, Madden often took on a fantasy persona, discussing how he ran the Boston Marathon the day before the event to avoid the crowds or even discussions about taking part in the Alaskan Iditarod Trails Sled Dog race.

Madden has also aired sports commentaries in syndication on the Westwood One radio network in the United States. Madden was briefly featured in the film Christine. Madden was seen coaching an American football team during a television broadcast.

Madden was also featured in the movie Little Giants. A bus full of NFL pros gets lost and happens to come across the kids looking for directions. Madden helps the team draw up the eventual game-winning play, "The Annexation of Puerto Rico", which was a version of a fumblerooski. Madden also played himself as the broadcaster of the fictional games in the film The Replacements alongside his broadcast partner at the time Pat Summerall. Madden had a brief movie role playing himself in the youth football film Little Giants and in the film The Replacements.

In the video, Madden is commenting on a fake football game featuring Paul Hewson as the kicker who misses a short kick to win the game. He makes a similar appearance in the video for Paul Simon's single " Me and Julio Down by the Schoolyard ", [35] in which he attempts to teach football fundamentals to a group of kids playing a pickup game.

Entries in the series have consistently been best-sellers, to the extent that they have even spawned TV shows featuring competition between players of the games. Despite Madden's retirement as a broadcaster in , he still continues to lend his name and provide creative input to the series, [36] which is so popular that he is better known as the face of Madden than as a Super Bowl-winning coach and broadcaster.


EA Sports' "Madden NFL" has long been recognized for its above-average accuracy in predicting Super Bowl results. In some cases, the accuracy has been frightening. Going back to , "Madden" is. The Madden Bowl is a single elimination tournament held on the most current edition of Madden NFL. It has been held since during Super Bowl weekend in the host city and, in the past, participation included NFL players and release: John Madden Football, June 1, Adam Rank breaks down some of the final movers in the Madden ratings as the season nears its end, and gives his predictions for who will face off in Super Bowl XLVIII.