How to Play Like Sachin Tendulkar

Mumbaikars enjoy an evening of Madhubani art. Sachin is a good model of this. College students talk about the slang words they use in conversations. Smita Bansal in Lucknow. Sachin Cricket Tips added 6 new photos. Cricket Bowling Tips

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Republishing or distribution of content is NOT permitted. Sachin Tendulkar is great and his childhood cricket is a good example for all of us to be a good cricketer.

Mail will not be published required. Your tips helped me improve my cricket specially fielding. Successful Swing Bowling Tips. A bowler who has the ability to bowl swing is an important asset in any cricket team as swing bowling is a great way to […].

When fielding during cricket there are many things to think about and consider depending on where you are fielding. This brief article will look at […]. As a batsman in cricket it is essential that you have a good batting grip to enable you to play the full range of batting […]. Cricket Tips Videos , News , Opinion. Comments Ally C says: He saw his batting which was a bit similar to him. Everyone said, sachin is short in height so how will he face the fast bowler in international level.

Later, he gives reply to all those people who usually say that kind of things. He plays defensive shots believes in timing and shot power. You want to know how to play like Sachin Tendulkar follows these tips —. Lots of practice and hard work make man perfect in any field. Sachin Tendulkar practice lot in his earlier days. He started playing cricket at a young age. His dedication towards cricket make him great batsman.

No shortcut in cricket. You must require lots of practice to play cricket at international level. In net session, he plays against every bowler. To prepare himself before the match, he works on his weakness and tries to make his strength. Practice makes his game more strong. No one is perfect, everyone learns from other. Make it habit to learn from other people. Anyone in this world is not perfect, they teach from coach, teacher, parents.

In beginning career you face many obstacles, physical, mental and emotional injures it will disturb you. Take guidance and knowledge from others. In this world, there are many people they give unnecessary free advice.

Listen to yourself, do what you like. Listen to everyone, but do what you like. This attitude will give you more success in your life.

Cricket is a team game one team win and other one loss.


Sachin Tendulkar is a brilliant cricketer, plays defensive shots believes in timing and shot power. You want to know how to play like Sachin Tendulkar follows these tips. Sachin Tendulkar fitness play important role in fitness process. . Sachin Saga Cricket Champions Is An Online Game. You Can Not Play It Offline. This Is One Of The Stupid Feature. WCC 2 Can Be Played Offline But Not Sachin Saga. Also, See – Captain Tsubasa, Football Game Overview[New Game]. In Sachin Saga, There Is A Lack Of Content In Comparison To WCC 2. Insights and cricket batting tips from the legendary Sachin Tendulkar.