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Think the Patriots blow the barn doors off of the Falcons? Some observers began to wonder if this game would become known as "The Comeback". Montana came into this game with a 7—0 record as a starting quarterback at the Superdome due to the 49ers' dominance of their then-NFC West rival New Orleans Saints. New England only went for two twice. Navigation menu

The Bills are so bad, one of their players quit ... at halftime

Bettors cash big on overtime, missed extra point and defensive touchdown

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Super Bowl XI between the Vikings and the Raiders marked the third consecutive season with a missed extra point in the biggest game of . Feb 02,  · Super Bowl odds and betting statistics courtesy of Sportsbook Most books had New England as a six-point favorite out of the gate, but a deluge of sharp action on the Eagles pushed the. Feb 04,  · Odds StubHub They missed the extra point. First-year kicker Jake Elliott’s point-after attempt sailed wide right, limiting the Eagles to a lead: The Super Bowl probably won’t come.