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They say that a star is born everyday in the world of entertainment. We think that as soon as we place an order and make the payment, our orders are confirmed. Loved the Hayward signing, 1 pick trade was ehhh but Tatum is turning out to be a beast, i figure his career trajectory might be just under Fultz's so i think it depends on who the C's pick with that extra pick that makes the difference. I could've sworn there was one sportswriter who protested Griffin; maybe whoever it was kicked up a stink about it, but ultimately voted for him anyway. Navigation menu

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The future looks exceedingly bright. Whether the Clippers can take the next step may well revolve around the production of two veterans. The Clippers were when guard Chauncey Billups went down with an Achilles injury last season. Despite making the switch to the two spot and playing second fiddle to Paul, the Clippers looked a qualify outfit with a tenacious defender and secondary ballhandler like Billups in the line-up. The former Sixth Man of the Year came across in a four-team deal after the Mavs listed him as inactive towards the back end of the season.

Odom has the versatility to play all five positions and if he delivers back in LA, that move could be one of the masterstrokes of the off-season. The Timberwolves were before he did his ACL and for the rest of the season. Can Kevin Love improve on his staggering point and rebound per game averages from last season, too?

Unless, of course, he gets injured like last season and another Jeremy Lin pops out of nowhere. Somebody forgot to tell exciting young playmaker Ty Lawson and his crew of role players, who pushed the Lakers to game seven in the first round of the playoffs last season. Philadelphia Last Season ; Eastern Conference Semi-Finals The 76ers stunned the Derrick Rose-less Bulls in the first round of the playoffs, but by taking Boston to seven games in the semis showed there is some potential in Philly.

Their major wing weapon, Andre Iguodala, now finds himself in Denver, but they have shored up the middle with Andrew Bynum coming over from the Lakers. Bynum wanted to be the main man in LA, but gets his chance with the 76ers. Should either of the superstars get injured or have a down year, there is a bit of value to be found.

Chris Paul finished third in MVP voting in his first season with the Clippers, and with a fit again Chauncey Billups around, along with recruit Lamar Odom, Paul could build up his tally if LA heads towards a win season.

The Knicks belong to Carmelo Anthony this season, and he has the potential to average 30 a night if the chemistry is right.

He had 18 and 10reb in his pro debut. That's not a bad start. SSJPhenom , Oct 19, May 31, Messages: I meant to post a prediction thread and forgot. Here are my playoff teams: Philadelphia Western Conference: Golden State 2. Oklahoma City 4.

San Antonio 5. New Orleans Playoffs - 1st Round: Tom Thibodeau, Timberwolves Rookie of the Year: Ben Simmons, 76ers Sixth Man of the Year: LODemolition , Oct 19, Rainbow Yaz Sing about me, I'm dying of thirst. Dec 27, Messages: Rainbow Yaz , Oct 20, Mar 31, Messages: Mantaur Rodeo Clown , Oct 20, Feb 16, Messages: What's wild about the Celtics is that they are still the heir apparent to win their division.

I think the Raptors arguably could take it from them, but Kyle Lowry is on the wrong side of 30 and I think Brad Stevens makes Dwayne Casey look like Isaiah Thomas the coach, not the player. If the Celtics are able to continue to get good work out of Horford and Smart and young guys like Brown, Tatum, and Rozier all continue to develop, I think the Celtics will be able to outperform the Raptors. JGlass , Oct 20, Ben Simmons, as far as I know, is still considered to be a rookie since he didn't play any last season.

If that's still the case, I think that he has a strong chance of being the Rookie of the Year. SSJPhenom , Oct 20, Papa Pillman likes this. Sep 3, Messages: Papa Pillman , Oct 20, So I guess Lonzo Ball will be something to watch after all. Last night in his game against the Suns he had 29pts, 11reb, and 9ast.

I know it was against the Suns. They're not one of the elite teams of the NBA but who cares? Triple doubles are hard to get and the fact that he was going against two outstanding guards all night in Bledsoe and Booker is impressive as well. Ball might be better than we originally thought. SSJPhenom , Oct 21, Dec 28, Messages: Portland beat the Suns by 48 opening night.

Everyone is balling on the Suns this year. Ben Simmons just had 21pts 12rebs and 10ast in the 76ers win against Detroit Monday night. Rookie of the year numbers right there and, I'm going to call it now, he'll be the first rookie all-star since Blake Griffin. Especially since there ain't nobody in the East. SSJPhenom , Oct 24, Dec 7, Messages: Can anyone explain Orlando to me? I don't hear much about them but they appear to have some quality wins.

Is it a fluke? George Steele's Barber , Oct 27, Khalifa Where it at doe? Jul 26, Messages: Khalifa , Oct 27, Aaron Gordon has finally figured out that he's stronger, faster, and can jump higher than the average NBA player.

So he's become more aggressive driving in to the rim and such. Also, he's kinda developed a jumper and that's made him damn near unstoppable. Like Khalifa said, I'm not sure it'll last, but it is nice to see him take advantage of his gifts and become better and better.

SSJPhenom , Oct 31, What the hell is going on with the Cavs? They're losing to teams that they have no business ever losing to as long as LeBron is on the floor. They're second to dead last in defensive efficiency and their offense isn't much better. Last night in their loss to the Pacers Really?? Idc who you are, if your opponent shoots that well from 3, you're not going to win.

They've lost to the Nets also. I think this is their worst start since before James went back. Is it too early for concern or are the Cavs in serious trouble? Let me know your opinions.

SSJPhenom , Nov 2, Its ten games into the season and LeBron is playing hurt, its too early to panic or be concerned. Rainbow Yaz , Nov 2, Dec 12, Messages: Seeding doesn't matter in the East for the Cavs. They can be the eight seed and still make the finals. They have LeBron and are missing their starting point guard. They'll be fine when the playoffs arrive.

Da Prophet , Nov 3, I have to say, as someone who respects LeBron the man and player but dislikes his decade plus of dominating the NBA, I enjoy watching the Cavs struggle. Drastic prediction, Lue will want to cut or buyout Wade before the season is over, leading to an even bigger rift between he and LeBron, leading to Lue coaching his last season and them bringing in an LBJ yes man in an attempt to get him to stay past this season.

Rainbow Yaz , Nov 6, The NBA just isn't making sense right now. Boston has won 9 straight after losing their legit second best player and perennial all star Hayward?

Giannis has become probably the 3rd best player in the league right now? Boston has the best record in the league and are the best defensive team in the league? I have to admit, the East is a lot more exciting so far than I thought it was going to be. The West is right about where I thought it'd be so far. Although, I have to admit, OKC is looking pretty horrible right now.

I know that they need time to get it together, but those 3 should be able to win games based on their talent alone. SSJPhenom , Nov 8, I guess my claims of Boston's ruined season were a bit premature.

Has Boston proved itself a contender with their defeat of Golden State last night? Or is it still fool's gold considering that Hayward isn't there and no matter what, without him, they're not going to be as good as they could be?

SSJPhenom , Nov 17, They managed to shut down Curry, and had an inspired performance from Brown after his friend passed away. Some iffy calls against GS helped as well, so it was a solid win, but I still think that GS would take a seven game series due to their experience in that situation. The thing that is helping Boston right now is that they are playing solid team ball. Yeah, Kyrie is the poster boy, but each night they get a lot of solid performances from a core group of good players. Rainbow Yaz , Nov 17, I get what you're saying, but look at what Boston is doing defensively.

They are the number one defense in the league. At first, I thought that it was only for a few games that it would slowly get worse and worse as the season went on, but damn it if they're not getting better and better as the season goes on.

That's a quarter of the season and they are on a 15 game winning streak and shutting down teams from the Warriors to the Mavericks. They're playing amazing team basketball like you said and this is without Hayward. If Hayward were healthy and playing, I think they'd be even better then they are now.

I think that the Cavs need to watch out. They're not a lock this year to come out of the East for the first time in 4 years. SSJPhenom , Nov 20, Just some quarter season thoughts:


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