I'm pretty sure this is not right. The player has to pay an entry fee, which varies depending on the race. I have ordered it like 14 hours ago and still have been waiting for delivery. That's good to know and pretty much the last aspect of betting that I didn't quite understand thanks! I participated in a 7 lap race with like maybe other people and when I got first place I only got 30k. Report Abuse

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Whenever you bet around $ with two or three people, you get $ profit. I just don't understand how this works. If anyone could help, that'd be great. Grand Theft Auto Online; How the betting system works; DR For a bet to work in the match there must be bets placed on at least two players Betting odds are determined by how much money is getting bet on each player the more money bet on one player = more money won for a bet against that player I hope this helps any of your questions out. Betting on GTA Online seems to be pretty temperamental. At the start of a race or deathmatch I may put some money on. Some times I’ll put the whole available amount ($10,) on, but when the session.