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Play with your friends and beat them! Take on players from around the world and beat them too! Tournaments coming VERY soon! It has a lot of bugs in it. I will score and it gives it to the other player, or I win the game and it keeps going but neither player can score. It is a great game but, it has too many glitches. Sometimes it gives a person 2 points in 1 goal, also when either of the opponents get the final score but it does not count even the rest of the game.

Bugs, glitches and errors. Sometimes when the other guy scores, he gets two points and then the game continues on. It should not award two points for one goal. But even if anyone puts the puck in any net, the game no longer adds a score. By using this site, you consent to this use. Find out more in our Cookie Policy. We also show targeted advertisements by sharing your data with our partners so that the ads presented are relevant to you.

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Please take a moment to check it out here. Play your friends or take on the world in Hockey Stars! You can do this either by shooting your disc into the puck, knocking it into the goal, or if your disc is close enough to the puck, you can take possession of the puck and shoot directly without moving your puck. The game proceeds kind of like a turn-based game of air hockey, except that you have five paddles instead of one.

This adds a surprising amount of strategy and depth to the game, since you can't move while it's your opponent's turn. If you're out of position, or mess up a shot, a skilled opponent will be able to take advantage and score. Of course, since it's a mobile game, there are in-app purchases and ads. But if you can get beyond that, Miniclip has created a truly fun and surprisingly strategic game here. So let's help you get better at it. A common mistake in both Soccer Stars and Hockey Stars is to play aggressively, trying to force shots and create opportunities for wild ricochet goals.

To succeed at Hockey Stars , take on an opportunistic mindset. Play it safe, and only go all-out for a shot if you're sure it'll find the net. This is especially important on the faceoff if you get the first shot at the puck. A full-power shot here often leaves you out of position, and the puck in a place that's less than ideal.

By the same token, if your opponent begins the match with a wild shot, take advantage.


Play Hockey Stars - Smash-hit, new mobile multiplayer game, Hockey Stars! Try first on!/5(24). Embed Hockey Stars on your website for your visitors to play. This is a free service from that helps to make your website more awesome. Hockey Stars Tips, Tricks & Cheats for Winning More Games Sports June 24, Matt Hockey Stars is a brand new Android and iOS casual hockey simulator from Miniclip, that focuses on one-on-one, player-vs.-player battles, as opposed to hardcore team management and greatly detailed graphics.