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Just picking the Superbowl champ at the beginning of the NFL season doesn't make for a compelling office pool - pick once and forget about it pools are boring. The goal is to make the pool a social event, and having something to do each week keeps the pool moving forward. Precious Lite All Rights Reserved. Some of these are extremely basic and amateurish. Survivor Pools

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How To Run An Office Pool

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NHL Odds - Live NHL Betting Lines. September 10, - Compare and find the best NHL spreads and lines anywhere on the internet! Hockey pools are common in North America and footy tipping in Australia. In the United States the most popular type of betting pool is the NCAA March Madness tournament. Leading up to the tournament contestants will fill out brackets that predict who will win. Office pools managed online. Free and premium pools available. Featuring major golf pools, football, baseball, hockey, and basketball pools.