5 Tips To Improve Your Boxing Combinations

Double The Left Hands Same theory as the but you can also double left hooks, or left uppercuts. Next is the one-two-three-combination. However, in some other systems, it is the other way around. The effect of this is that we are unable to lift our arms, and our punches moving forward begin to lack power. Muay Thai: 5 Question Mark Kick Combinations | Evolve University

Common Punching Combinations

Muay Thai: Penthai Singpatong's 3 Body Shot Combinations | Evolve University

The one-two-three is a smooth flowing set of punches which is a very effective combination. The reason that it is so effective is because after the cross has been delivered your weight now rests on your left foot. This allows for the left hook to be delivered with little effort. I have included my left hook video because it offers alot of information in setting up for the combination.

We now move on to my personal favorite, the one-one-two-three. Throwing the left hook to the body. It also requires very quick hands. A fighter must always remember the head is not the only way to bring down an opponent. If you can take away his body you can take away the fight.

In the video below I demonstrate the left,right body hooks as well as the left and right shovel hooks. You are not limited to the combinations listed here. Any combination of punches you can string together smoothly and quickly will be a good combination. My advice in perfecting combinations is to throw thousands of combinations. Start with the straight punch, and follow it up quickly with the hook. Again, follow that with another cross. Step in quickly to throw your cross to the body, taking care not to miss or move in too close to set yourself up for a counter.

If you want, try reversing this combo so that you throw the first hook to the head as a distraction, and finish it off with a strong body shot. The first hit to the head causes your opponent to bring up their guard, leaving their body exposed to the perfect liver shot.

You have to get in close range, so you need to be quick with your movements, and your accuracy has to be dead-on in order for it to work. Once this is done, their head should be exposed enough for you to come in with a lead hook. This hook should be thrown just as quickly as the uppercut with the same amount of power behind it. It should be obvious that throwing the same combinations to the same parts on the body is a mistake.

Go for the head when one part of the combo, and land on the body when you finish. Change things further from there too. Go for the nose, the eyes, and the ears. On the body, try for the ribs or the solar plexus. This way, you keep your opponent off their guard. The only way to get good at boxing combinations is to actually practice them. Having a partner is one of the best ways to do this. Spar with someone in the ring to get a feel of how a real opponent will react to your combinations.

If you have someone to do mitt work with you, then try out some boxing combinations that way as well. The most effective fighters will be those that can put both together to develop a strong arsenal. Back in the 80's when kick boxing was at a peak on ESPN TV, I noticed most of the fighters lacked a balance of boxing and kicking skills.

Already noted as a very good kicker, I began to work on my boxing to give me more leverage in fights. My fights became easier. Its one thing to have two weapons kicks or punches coming at you, but its even harder to evade four hands and feet. It's difficult for your opponent to protect all of these areas at once With enough practice, your kick boxing combinations will be so fluent you are sure to connect with the kick or punch.

It will take many drills to perfect the art of kicking and boxing with accurate combinations, speed, and power. One of the keys is to break the combo' down into two, three, and four techniques. Also, Remember this - After you kick, your hands should be in a position to land strong punches as soon as your foot touches the floor. After you punch, your body should be in a position to throw a kick.

You must think this way in the gym, on the bag, mitts, or technical sparring. This mental and physical approach in the gym will make your combinations second nature in the ring. In closing, I want to make this point clear. It's not necessary to throw a kick after each punch to be a good kick boxer. A good kick boxer knows when to throw a punch or a kick.

Actually, I believe that one should do more boxing because the majority of knockout areas are located above the waist and closest to the hands. The kick should be thrown only when appropriate and in proper range.


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