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They are posted online at a multitude of sites. This is because skill contests have no chance element and so are not considered a form of gambling. Using a sportsbook like BookMaker allows Texas residents to place all of the bets they want on all of the games they want, every day, all year long. Will Legalization of Online Gambling Occur in Texas?

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Instead, it is recommended that you try your hand at the legal and exciting world of online fantasy football, as there are many companies in the United States that offer a safe and regulated service. There are currently six physical racetracks in the State of Texas.

Though, horse racing has decreased significantly in popularity in the past several years. This decreased racetrack attendance likely has a lot to do with the fact that the Texas Racing Act was amended in to prohibit advance deposit wagering, which thus illegalized online horserace betting. Before this, residents of Texas were able to use such sites as BetAmerica and TwinSpires to bet on their favorite horse and greyhound racing games.

Unfortunately, this is no longer the case. Even after the amendment passed, Twinspires continued to take bets from Texas citizens until it was given the subpoena to halt transactions in This marked the end of online race betting for Texas citizens, and currently there are no other options to place online bets on races.

Those who want to bet on horse races must head to one of the six real racetracks. Currently, the only legal online gambling options in Texas are online fantasy sports and skill games. However, there has been a joint resolution put forth in to regulate and legalize online poker.

Although this did not pass on both the Senate and House level, it shows that there is interest in a broader online gambling industry. Only time will tell if more online gambling options will be made available in the coming years. However, until that time you still have many exciting options available to you.

The prizes are not determined by the fees paid or by the amount of people who are playing. The winners are determined by their skill and knowledge The results are not based on the score of a real-world game Based on these three criteria, most major fantasy sports betting websites are legalized in the United States as long as states do not have their own laws pertaining to it.

Most Popular Fantasy Sports Websites: DraftKings DraftKings is one of the largest fantasy sports betting websites established in the United States.

Daily Fantasy Sports Rooms Reviewed. Online Casinos Currently, online casinos are not allowed within the State of Texas, and so Texans have limited options when it comes to this form of gambling. Online Poker As of now, online poker is strictly forbidden in the state of Texas.

Well, that is not the case here as 5Dimes will let their users parlay almost any type of wager from any sport they offer on their board.

Texas is arguably the most football-crazed state in the US. With so many different collegiate programs, the rivalries and games can get intense. Putting money where their mouths are is just one of the many ways that Texas sports fans enjoy backing their teams. Using a sportsbook like BookMaker allows Texas residents to place all of the bets they want on all of the games they want, every day, all year long. This book not only has some of the earliest lines around, they also have an in-depth articles section that keeps bettors as up to date as possible on everything going on in the sports world.

Experts agree this sportsbook is the best place for Texas residents to bet on all of their favorite games, and new members can even get valuable cash bonuses as opposed to the industry-standard free-play bonuses that most books employ. Looking for a sportsbook with more to offer its players than just a handful of games to bet on? Look no further than BetDSI. In addition to more sports than any other online sportsbook, this site gives you more wagering opportunities than any other USA online sportsbook.

From there, deposits are a breeze. You can fund your account using credit cards, digital currencies, or online money transfers. You have an equally varied amount of withdrawals, all of which are eligible for at least one free payout per month. Head to BetDSI now and start earning points and prizes. Rather, experts believe that sports betting falls under the portion of the law that defines gambling activity. This can be found in Texas Penal Code Chapter This section mainly defines and outlaws bookmaking — which is the facilitation of gambling activities — and lists penalties for violating the law.

None of this actually applies to Texas sports bettors, of course, as the law is limited strictly to criminalizing in-state bookies and nothing more. In addition to this, Texas residents are subject to several sports betting laws that further restrict gambling in the state. Before it was overturned, PASPA prevented the state from regulating sports betting, while the Wire Act of exists to keep bets from crossing state lines into states where such land-based wagering is legal as it prohibits anyone from accepting a wager placed over a communicative device like the Internet or a phone.

What these laws do not do, however, is prevent Texas residents from using online, offshore sportsbooks. Texas state law penalizes those who facilitate gambling and, like federal law, has no jurisdiction over online, offshore companies. Sports Betting Laws in the U.

Texas does not offer its residents any sports betting facilities, offline or online. Betting enthusiasts might find plenty of live bookies around, but these bookies do not have any sports betting license issued by the state for the simple reason that the state does not issue any sports betting licenses.

The state of Texas does not license or authorize any bookmaker to run online sportsbooks. The online sportsbooks that accept Texas bettors are all based in foreign countries and licensed in remote gambling jurisdictions.

They are products designed by reputed bookmaking companies, many of which were launched several years ago. They give the highest importance to customer satisfaction and go the extra mile to take care of customers who feel that they have gotten addicted to gambling. Realistically, expect it to roll out within the next 3 to 5 years. While we wait for old-fashioned lawmakers to get their heads out of their butts, there are still sports betting options in the state. Online, offshore sportsbooks do not fall under the jurisdiction of state laws, and can legally offer sports wagering to Texas residents.

Additionally, because there are no laws on the books when it comes to dealing with online, offshore sports betting, TX residents are free to wager as much as they like at online sportsbooks that are based in overseas countries. While sports betting in Texas has not been given the green light to operate at land-based locations yet, we know that lawmakers will eventually have no choice but to legalize it eventually.

When that does happen, we believe that it will likely be housed at a Native American casino. There is currently one Class II casino and one High-stakes bingo hall operating in the state.

These seem to be the most likely venues for Texas sports betting. This city is on the Texas-Mexico border, located just east of the Rio Grande. The bingo hall is located across the state in Livingston, Texas. Just an hour outside of Houston, Livingston has plenty to do for everyone. The bingo hall is called Naskila Gaming.

If more sportsbooks are allowed to open in Texas, we will update this list to include all of the cities in Texas that have sportsbooks. With two professional teams of their own and one of the largest collections of fans in the world, is it any surprise that Texas residents are some of the biggest supporters of legal NFL betting in their state?

These websites provide legal NFL betting in Texas, as well as an overwhelming amount of other legal sports betting opportunities. Sports betting in Texas never was so easy as it is on one of the sites we recommend on this page. These are currently the only books legally able to offer action on college football. This is likely to change when Texas lawmakers legalize sports betting at land-based facilities in the state.

Until such a time, use one of the online, offshore sportsbooks we recommend. These sites give you access wherever you are, making them the best Texas sportsbooks around.

There are hundreds of legal sports betting sites accepting Texas residents right this minute. After having personally tested a plethora of online sportsbooks, we found the top four for you.

Keep an account at all of these books. This will allow you to shop lines and ensures that you find the absolute best payout for each and every game you wager on. No matter if you have one or four accounts, these legal sports betting sites accepting Texas residents are the best choice for you.

You have several withdrawal options with Bovada, and none take longer than two weeks to reach you. If you choose to conduct transactions using cryptocurrency, your payout could reach you within hours of your request being processed.

The faster those lines are presented, the more action you can get in on. Live betting is just one of the many perks that make Bovada a world-class sportsbook. What are you waiting for? BetOnline sportsbook has been providing legal, fun sports betting opportunities to Texas residents for years.

BetOnline has some of the most incredible wagering of any online gambling site period. Then check out their alternative lines. No matter what you choose to bet on, know that 5Dimes is the place you want to be.


For legal sports betting options in Texas, you’ll want to head over to an online, offshore sportsbook. These websites provide legal NFL betting in Texas, as well as an overwhelming amount of other legal sports betting opportunities. Make Sportsbook your home for online sports betting, NFL Football betting, NBA Basketball betting and claim your massive sign-up bonus. Online NFL betting sites give bettors the chance to wager on everything from which team will cover the spread to which team will win the Super Bowl. To bet on NFL games online, you will need to pick a reputable and appropriate sportsbook (or sportsbooks – more on line shopping later) for your needs, which type of bet you’d like to make.