NBA 2K18 My GM Tips: 30 Franchise-Saving Trades You Must Make

For example I traded Gortat for what I believe was a '20 and '22 2nd round picks. Get a decent Point Guard and you will have a pretty strong team at your disposal. If you have specific questions, comment below and I'll try to help. You can directly press the right stick to see the player's potential. Log In to GameFAQs

NBA 2K15 MyGM Guide – Best Young Players, Tips and Strategy

It is easy to practice LaVine's three-Coiner. It is very easy to use no matter in simulation or actual playing.

You can sell Wiggins after training him well, since in this generation the small forward without three-Coiner ability is less preferable than shooting guard or power forward who are good at three-Coiner. In terms of team selection, the use of Kings, Jazz and Knicks full simulation wins in the third season.

When it comes to the Knicks in the fourth season, Anthony said that he wanted to leave because there were too many stars in the team and he did not have enough ball controlling. In summary, it matters little which team you choose. Any team can win. At the beginning of play, the first priority is coach and scout. It is recommended to choose the high rated ones with no adverse effect.

If the ratings are the same, then choose the one with more special capacities. Of course, when the level of your manager gets higher, it will offset some of the adverse effect, so that you can easily choose the ones who have a high rating but negative bonus. In general, all teams' budget is sufficient to build a top-level coach double A in offensive defensive, 4. The lineups of other staff are almost the same.

In the next year, generally all the staff can be replaced by the best. I personally think that Spoel is the best among the four. Cole is expensive but good.

Kidd is the most expensive but doesn't have enough special capacities. There are amendments to the league's rules every season. My advice is not to amend the rules. It happens a lot that the voting passes ridiculous rules such as scoring directly without free throw.

You can choose to ignore such voting, so that the rules won't change. Every season, there are amendments to the Union rules, my proposal is not modified. Often computer voting without foul without penalty directly score such wonderful setting.

You can directly choose not to participate, so that there will be no rules change. Before each draft, the coach will require you to choose a player. The request is hard to achieve unless you take the first sign. The consequence is that the coach's morale. So the answer here is not to participate in the draft, which will generally reduce the morale by 7 Coins.

When you choose the player, the computer will ask if you'd like to check out the existing solutions. In such cases, there will be offer of the recently gained player from top ranked team. You can directly press the right stick to see the player's potential. If you think the player is okay, you can agree directly. Generally, you will make profit. With any team, there is need to clear the long contract. The top priority is big contract.

As long as someone wants it, you can agree. In general, it is recommended to choose players rated between 73 to So with , there will no trouble with the substitutes. Short benches can be a blessing. Let's say it's playoff time and I have a couple of bench players bitching about their playing time cause I wanna play my stars minutes a night.

Dealing with your bench is one of the more important MyGM decisions and there are ways to get around it. You can view what other offers a player received in Free Agency and edit your offer to beat their's. You'll even see when yours is the most appealing. Just click on their name in the FA screen, press view offer and see what terms are most appealing to them. Then offer them another contract you can offer the same player multiple contracts on the same day but they over-write each other until you have the best one under their "View Offers" screen.

These are just a few general ones off the top of my head. If you have specific questions, comment below and I'll try to help. If it has to do with bugs or crashes, I may not be able to help. I also want to add that for draft classes its better to download them because they are plenty of draft classes with excellent players.

I've wanted to find out from someone who's looked at the game's algorithms to see what determines the draft classes. Is it just random, set to fill out deficiencies in the league not enough good shooting guards so higher picks are mostly shooting guards , or something else? Thanks for the tips. It's usually hard to find people that are very into it. I usually sim most of the games. It's pretty fun to sim them and rely on your coaching strategy and gm skills to make a team that can win championships without your constant interference in games.

What teams have you played with? I do a fantasy draft so that when I start the overall teams are more balanced and I can build a team that fits my style. I like a defensive minded back court with good 3 PT shooting and a power forward that can score in the post.

I like a bit of a challenge so I pick teams like the Kings and the Nets. Change Cousins to a powerforward and he's literally unstoppable. I can see that.

I randomize the draft order so idk if I'll end up with a HOFer or just a solid group of contributors. Plus if you want your favorite player but the other team wont accept or you dont have any matching trade offer, just change your favorite players position to his absolute worst position then trade for him.

For me, that kind of ruins the fun in the game. I like having to adapt on the fly. Load your mygm file, go to ur team roster, change teams to ur target player's team and edit that target player's position to his weakest position.

For example i go to roster and change team to lakers then i change d'angello russel's position to Center. Now hes overall is lowered which gives u more change to trade him for your team. It's how I have Ben Simmons on the Bulls. Haha yeah that too. However, in my most recent one they got Lebron in free agency after the first season so it's shaping up to be an interesting experience.

I have the problem where my bench is too stacked that they are complaining about earning starter minutes. I might have to trade them again but I really like my team. I like to make a strong starting lineup and have a short, versatile bench. The bench each gets about 20 minutes each. That way the only complaint they ever have is about a starting role and that doesn't eat up the morale as quickly as if they complained about both minutes and role.

Other option is constantly trade for rookies to put on the bench or invest in some "your time will come" boosts for when you're losing in the playoffs.


NBA 2K17 MyGM is a mode where players can have coaching experience. Here provides you with team selection and draft trade Tips in NBA 2K17 MyGM mode. Nba 2k19 All Star game, if you get selected as a captain you get to choose your team and reserves from a pool of Both eastern and western players. 95 · 15 comments. Do not forget to take care of yourself! Not just your MyPlayer! MyGM MyGM Tips. submitted 2 years ago * by sadleafsfan. This year's edition of MyGM may be rather frustrating, but that doesn't mean the mode should be avoided at all costs. Yes it requires mental preparation and a lot of patience to enjoy, but once.