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Boxing is largely a fast paced, anaerobic event. The number you're left with will be your "second HR target," which we will track with a stopwatch to control our pace. Most fighters do roadwork days a week. Learn how your comment data is processed. Want to add to the discussion?

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TITLE Boxing Blog. From inside the gym to around the world of combat sports, the TITLE Boxing Blog keeps you up-to-date with the latest MMA and Boxing news, training tips and fighting techniques. Roadwork: How to Run for Boxing Training Posted By: Jamie Stewart March 3, Though it involves no actual punching, roadwork remains one of boxing’s most iconic and important training methods. Mention boxing to someone and they might think of a sweatsuit clad boxer doing early morning runs. Roadwork is the term used by boxers to describe the time spent pounding the pavement (running). More and more frequently we are seeing articles reporting that running is more harmful than beneficial.