Boxing Techniques

I could not use my right for a while. As your partner throws a straight right, watch the placement of his left hand. In fact, this one piece of advice will put you light-years ahead of the average pad-holding newbie. Boxing Mittwork Theory

Guide to Mitt Holding for Boxing

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Boxing Focus Mitt Training August 28, by Johnny N Boxing Training, Boxing Workouts 33 Comments Training on the focus mitts is one the best ways to develop your fighting reflexes, punching technique, defense technique, and fighting strategy. The best boxing mitt drills for beginners often involve punching without making it a priority! Wrapping Up In the right hands, focus mitts are the best non-sparring learning and conditioning tools that the boxing world has to offer. Boxing Techniques Boxing techniques, boxing advice, and boxing instructions to help all boxers train and perfect their boxing skills to become a stronger, more powerful, and faster boxer. Great technique should improve effectiveness and efficiency.