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Well, by charging the operator fee, in this case the betting company. I was unable to find any major sites which charges users a fee for placing a deposit via PayPal. Currently, the US is opening up again for online betting and gambling. One of the number one sites to visit! PayPal was founded in Palo Alto, California in The Best New Jersey Casinos that Accept PayPal

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Do Online Bookmakers Accept PayPal?

Most of the bigger UK bookmakers accept PayPal with similar deposit and withdrawal limits and rules to conventional debit card transactions. Using an electronic wallet service like this comes with several advantages. Funds clear more rapidly with PayPal than through standard banking meaning you can use your money within 24 hours of making a withdrawal and quite often this can occur within several hours.

You would still need to withdraw from PayPal back to your bank account for full access to your cash and this will take working days due to normal banking procedure. PayPal also offers some added security by not requiring you to constantly enter various card details across several sites.

Ultimately though PayPal gives you flexibility. By managing your betting wallet in this way you can see clearly what you are depositing and withdrawing without these transactions being lost with your usual grocery shopping. Through PayPal you could build up funds to a certain amount before you withdraw so you can get more out of your winnings. Alternatively you can use your PayPal funds to spend as you usually would as this service is now accepted by many companies worldwide.

Some UK betting sites also offer PayPal quick registration allowing you to sign up, deposit and receive your bonus in a matter of minutes without you needing to enter your details over and over again see below for more. If you are looking for casinos that accept PayPal visit our casino banking section.

It is a misconception that PayPal cannot be used to fund online betting and gambling sites in the UK. It is true that in the USA, Canada and any jurisdiction where gambling activities aren't formally regulated or are outright banned PayPal cannot be used to deposit or withdraw funds into gambling sites.

Having said this, not all bookmakers offer the service - see the table above for a list of betting sites that accept PayPal. PayPal make it necessary to complete their full verification process before you can use the service to fund a betting account.

This is largely to prevent fraud and it is one reason why you can predominantly claim introductory offers when using the eWallet, which is not the case with wallets such as Skrill or Neteller. Many people have a PayPal account these days. If you already have an account simply make sure your eWallet is loaded with funds and select PayPal from the list of deposit options. As long as the name of the PayPal account matches the name registered on the betting site then this will be fine, even if the two use different email addresses.

Usually you will not be able to withdraw to PayPal if you have not made your deposit using this method. This does take a few days however as PayPal will need to verify that your address and bank account belong to you. They will do this by sending you a code in the post and also by transferring a nominal amount into your account with a specific reference code to be entered online.

Once your account is set up you can load it with funds from which you can deposit into your betting account and play with as normal.

Although initial set up may take a week or so it is worth it. As soon as you have your bank account linked to your PayPal digital eWallet you will be able to manage all of your online betting easily from one place.

It is also convenient for when your bank card expires, in this case you only need enter the new details once into PayPal rather than changing your card on each site it is used on.

You can also have several of your own cards and bank accounts linked to the one PayPal account giving you more flexibility in funding options. Some leading betting sites now offer PayPal quick registration indicated in the table at the top of this page. Coral and Ladbrokes were one of the first to bring this in. This allows you to register with sites using your existing PayPal credentials.

You are in essence giving PayPal the authorisation to share your name, address, date of birth, etc. The main benefit of this is you can register in quite literally a matter of seconds while at the same time have you deposit method already set up. This also has the added bonus that you only need to fill in your details once, with PayPal. In other words, all the recipient needs is an email address and they can then sign up once the money has already been transferred. PayPal guarantees to keep your financial information safe and secure without providing it to any places where you use the service.

Customers of some countries are able to make use of a security key as an added precaution against fraud. It can be used to both send money and receive money making it a convenient option for using funding your wagering accounts. Opening an account is free.

There are no monthly fees associated with maintaining an account, as well as no gateway fees. Making a payment is also free so using this payment method to fund your online account is a good option. Getting paid via PayPal does incur a cost. The fee for getting paid is 2.

How to Use In order to use PayPal as a payment method, you need to sign up on their website. We List the Benefits for You PayPal guarantees to keep your financial information safe and secure without providing it to any places where you use the service.

Are their Fees Associated with this Banking Method?


PayPal Betting Sites. Betfair was the first online betting site to use PayPal in Europe. Maybe not coincidentally, Betfair never accepted US players for any of its offerings, even before the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act went into effect in Before that time, virtually every online gambling site accepted US players. PayPal is an excellent method for cashing out your winnings, as you can then either transfer that money to your bank account or hold it in your PayPal account for use at other betting sites in the future. PayPal Betting Sites – What to Look for Before you Deposit Fortunately, PayPal are selective when it comes to the gambling site operators that they allow to use their service. This means that seeing PayPal betting site deposits is a trust signal in its own right.