Safest Betting Sites in 2018

Other than sticking to the sites which have already been reviewed in-depth by our team of experts, it helps to know what some of the common safety concerns are. We want to make sure our recommendations have been consistently treating customers to top-shelf gambling experiences and customer service for quite some time. We did our part when we realized the problematic situation at TopBet was headed south. Ensuring Your Online Gambling Safety

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Criteria That Makes an Online Betting Site Safe

That means the site runs on an SSL encrypted connection. On most browsers, a little notification will appear beside the address bar telling you if a site is not secure. Pay attention when this happens. It could be a costly mistake to ignore this.

These companies have a long history and are guaranteed fair. We know this industry is highly innovative and are always willing to give upstarts a chance. However, we need to dig deeper and find out if these companies are reputable, and ideally want to see third-party verification of payouts. Safe betting sites will have no problem publishing payout rates and explaining how the software works. The longer a betting site has been around the better, in our view.

In those cases, we look at the management team and company running them. If they are experienced and run multiple safe betting sites, we are happy to recommend them. Part of the key to staying safe when betting online is education. We want to prevent that, if possible. Other than sticking to the sites which have already been reviewed in-depth by our team of experts, it helps to know what some of the common safety concerns are.

You can start by reading some of our in-depth reviews. We cover each of the points listed above in detail and leave no stone unturned. You can find our safest betting sites and their full reviews on the table at the top of this page.

We wish you the best of luck! Featured Betting Sites For September 1. How We Decide if a Betting Site is Safe There are literally tens of thousands of potential betting sites to choose from. Each site listed in the table above passed the following tests: And you definitely want your personal information to be protected from identity theft.

These are all real life concerns you should be considering when researching an online betting site. Finding a site that takes all these concerns as seriously as you do is the goal. We are confident that these sites take our concerns seriously and will gladly provide detailed information on each of them.

Along with our safe site criteria, there are also a couple big, bright, scary red flags that we keep an eye out for. Even if a site has some of the safe site criteria listed above, if they have any of these red flags, we definitely recommend staying far, far away from them. Online betting sites should be crystal clear about their business practices.

They should be spelled out in black and white on their site for everyone to read. There should never and we mean never ever be any question about how they conduct their business and how they keep you, your money, and your personal information safe. If there is any grey area when it comes to their standards and guidelines, look elsewhere.

When it comes to this one, Google is your best friend. Before committing to a site and providing them with your personal and banking information, Google them. Check out what people are saying online about the site. Look them up on reputable sites such as Ask Gamblers and read their reviews.

Check for particularly troublesome red flags such as complaints about delays with withdrawals or a track record of providing misinformation to their customers. These are the kinds of red flags that should never be ignored. Check into how they deal with disputes and what their reputation is online. We know that we have thrown a lot of detailed information at you all at once.

And we know that it can seem overwhelming. Now that you know that there are so many factors to consider when choosing an online betting site, you might even be more confused than ever, especially with all the choices out there.

And we understand that it really is a very confusing and overwhelming process. You can rest assured that we have done our due diligence in putting together this list of the safest online gaming sites.

So, without tooting our own horn too much toot toot , we really think that the best course of action in selecting a safe gaming site is to use our recommendations because of the extensive research resources we have. By all means, we encourage you to do your own research and come to your own conclusions. But please, if you do decide to go rogue and go at it alone, make sure to consider all the criteria we have listed above and do as much homework as possible.


At Safest Betting Sites, we pride ourselves on keeping track of payout speeds of the top US online sportsbooks. Payment speeds differ month-to-month and if a site isn’t paying their players in a timely fashion – there may be cause for concern. Safest Online Gambling Sites for Online gambling makes you nervous? Not sure if it’s safe? You’re not alone if you feel this way. You actually have a right to be concerned, as online gambling is not as safe as it could be. If a site isn’t properly licensed to provide betting and/or gaming services, then . Our recommended selection of betting sites that meet our priority number one when assessing a site to bet on. These are the safest places to bet online in