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He too has disavowed leadership ambitions, so far without harming his betting odds very much. Needless to say, the political betting became something of a mainstay in British culture, as it did in many other parts of the world. However, McDonnell is said to have privately told colleagues that he is not in favour of the mandatory reselection process, in comments which have been interpreted by some as part of his charm offensive to win over Labour MPs. Political betting is not restricted to politicians. You might get better odds on the Betfair exchange, subject to charges. Recent Updates

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The following three are what we believe to be the very best political betting sites around. Betvictor are a bookmaker which excels when it comes to providing punters with an excellent political betting service. When a punter accesses that section, they will be presented with what is a diverse and impressive array of available markets.

Those specials usually refer to US politics but the bookmaker do also generally price up markets for major elections taking place elsewhere in the world. Second on the top political betting sites list is William Hill; another well-established and trusted bookmaker which presents its customers with a great array of political betting options. Another site which does feature a politics-specific section, William Hill give punters the chance to bet on a good range of markets related to the UK political scene.

Those markets include both the timing and result of the next general election, the next leaders of the major parties and special markets for big issues such as Scottish independence. Coral have a political betting section in their long menu list on the left hand side desktop site.

For each of the markets in this section, there are typically at least one, and often many more, bet options on offer. Where Coral particularly shine is in the range of betting options the bookmaker provides when it comes to foreign politics. Countries as diverse as the USA, Russia and Australia among others are catered for and markets related to national and even regional politics within those nations are regularly priced up.

As well as pointing you toward the best betting sites for politics, what the above information should also have let you know, is that there are a range of different types of political bet that you can place. However, McDonnell is said to have privately told colleagues that he is not in favour of the mandatory reselection process, in comments which have been interpreted by some as part of his charm offensive to win over Labour MPs.

A Labour MP said: How much have you heard Labour banging on about the problems with Universal Credit or the train system in recent months? Those are but two areas where the government is vulnerable. The leadership and members seem more obsessed with the Middle East than Middle England, focussing on the latter helps wins general elections in this country, not the former.

On average this year there has been a 3 point lead of those who think Britain was wrong to vote for Brexit over those who think Britain was right to do so https: There is an overwhelming perception that the Brexit negotiations are not turning out well.

Neither is the perceived poor progress of negotiations necessarily seen as a reason to replace May. So when you consider all of those variables you can understand my reluctance to bet on this market. Perhaps you can persuade me which option to back but I suspect this is one of those markets where the profitable choice is not to bet.

In recent times Texas has been a safe banker for the GOP but demographics are trending back to the Dems, so what might help tip the balance is if the Dems choose a native son or daughter to be their nominee. So if a new party is formed the only way I can see this bet winning is if we get a results across the country reminiscent of Inverness, Nairn, and Lochaber in Brexit is not unlike Hurricane Florence. A huge amount of energy is being expended, mostly to destructive effect, dumping a load of output which is flooding out a great deal else, while not going anywhere fast.

And just as Florence attracts storm-chasers, Brexit attracts any number of other eccentrics, on all sides, either to participate in the main thing or to chase rainbows. A referendum can only happen if the government wants one. Each needs its own legislation to compel councils to run the polling stations, postal votes and so on.

So voting would have to be done the normal way, which means an Act of Parliament — and that only happens if the government drafts and introduces the Bill, and makes time for it. Before we get a Bill though, there needs to be some consensus on what the question to be put is or questions are. Without that consensus, any campaign would suffer from too much infighting and too many divisions to effectively apply pressure to the government.

Also, there would need to be some thought as to what happens after the vote. However, first of all, that legislation. The first referendum Bill took over six months to go through parliament in Even if a new Bill could be rammed through in just one month — a process which would undoubtedly leave malcontent in its wake and set up allegations of unfairness, a rigged playing field and bias — the time available for campaigns to organise and register, and then for the vote to be held would be mightily tight to the March 29 deadline.

Were it to ratify the deal the government came back from Brussels with, no great problem. The other two possibilities, unfortunately, are a problem. And going by the polling on the Chequers Plan, the outcome would be one of the other two options.

The elephant in the room that advocates of a second vote are ignoring is the chance that not only does Leave win again but it does so on a mandate of No Deal. Certainly, when the three options were put in opinion polls, No Deal was far more popular than something based on Chequers.

And as Mark Carney pointed out this week, such an outcome would be considerably sub-optimal. Mainly, presumably, on a basis of nothing better being on offer. A win on such terms would be grudging and would do nothing to end the debate. An extension is possible — though even there, not necessarily an indefinite one — but an outright revocation, even with the agreement of all 27 other members is still something that the CJEU would need to agree. Though presumably the legislation enabling the referendum could tidy that up.

The legalities are one thing: Brexit has already been damaging to political discourse in the country, normalising extreme language and sharpening divisions though it is both consequence and contributor there, and nor is it the only factor. Another referendum, whatever the outcome, would re-open all those divisions and pour acid into them.

Of course, the foreknowledge of how torn apart the Tories would be is one reason, beyond the near-certainty of losing her agreement with the EU, that Theresa May will do everything possible to avoid another public vote. And just shouting is really what would suit Labour best in this case; appearing to be on the side of Remainers will win support — providing they never need to make good on it before the Brexit process is over. Something feels different about the headlines in today's Daily Mail pic.

At this rate the Daily Mail will soon be backing another referendum. The initial editions of the Mail under Greig appear to suggest a more nuanced editorial line, where a soft Brexit is a price worth paying to keep Jeremy Corbyn, the Labour leader, out of No On the 6th November, 33 of the seats in the US Senate come up for election.

The Democrats currently hold 47 seats and two independents caucus with them, so they need a net gain of two for them to get control 1. Unfortunately for the Democrats, the starting position is rather difficult; of the 35 seats up for election, only 9 are Republican-held, and of those 4 are solid and 3 are fairly safe.

On the other side, of the 26 seats the Democrats are defending, several are potential Republican gains. The table shows the 13 main battlegrounds, approximately in increasing order of difficulty for the Democrats. Not shown in the table are the 41 Democrat-caucus seats, and the 46 Republican seats, which are either not up for election, or are considered safe.

The second column shows the number of seats the Democrats would have including the two independents who caucus with them if they won that seat and every one above it in the table plus their safe seats. The last two columns show the best odds 3 available at time of writing from Ladbrokes or Betfair Sportsbook on the two parties. As you can see, the Democrats are favourites in 10 of these contests, according to the model.

If they win all of those, they will just make the 51 seats needed, down to and including FL. If national sentiment moves firmly towards the Democrats between now and the election, that might be sufficient to carry them over the line. However, Senate elections are subject to significant state-specific and candidate-specific variation.

As things stand, to win control, the Dems need to stay lucky in all of the first 10 listed states, or perhaps stay lucky in 9 and pull off a surprise in Texas or Tennessee.


Political betting is the practice of making wagers on elections, the most popular being the United States presidential election which takes place every four years. However, politics betting can encompass a diverse selection of events and situations such as who will be nominated as a vice presidential running mate or even smaller localized. Best Political Betting Sites This page covers the best political betting sites so if you’re looking to bet on politics online then we’ve got some great suggestions where . Compare the Best Political Betting Sites and bet specials for customers in the UK. Read online ratings and reviews. Claim your bonus offer and bet now!