Ranking the NBA’s Top 10 Shooting Guards

Nobody appears to be happy. They struggle mightily at protecting the rim. Shooting is important, but make sure everybody gets the ball. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. In his eighteenth year in the NBA, Pau averaged a solid Basketball Insiders | NBA Rumors And Basketball News


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They are often referred to as dribblers or play-makers. The shooting guard SG is also known as the two or the off guard. Along with the small forward, a shooting guard is often referred to as a wing because of its use in common positioning tactics. As the name suggests, most shooting guards are good shooters from three-point range. Besides being able to shoot the ball, shooting guards tend to have good ball handling skills and the ability to drive the ball to the basket, often creating their own shots off the dribble.

A versatile shooting guard will have good passing skills, allowing them to assume point guard responsibilities known as combo guards. Bigger shooting guards also tend to play as small forwards. The small forward SF , also known as the three , is considered to be the most versatile of the main five basketball positions.

Versatility is key for small forwards because of the nature of their role, which resembles that of a shooting guard more often than that of a power forward. This is why the small forward and shooting guard positions are often interchangeable and referred to as wings. Small forwards have a variety of assets, such as quickness and strength inside.

One common thread among all kinds of small forwards is an ability to "get to the line" and draw fouls by aggressively attempting post-up plays, lay-ups, or slam dunks. As such, accurate foul shooting is a common skill for small forwards, many of whom record a large portion of their points from the foul line. Besides being able to drive to the basket, they are also good shooters from long range. Some small forwards have good passing skills, allowing them to assume point guard responsibilities known as point forwards.

Small forwards should be able to do a little bit of everything on the court, typically playing roles such as swingmen and defensive specialists. The power forward PF , also known as the four , often plays a role similar to that of the center , down in the "post" or "low blocks". The power forward is often the team's most versatile scorer, being able to score close to the basket while also being able to shoot mid-range jump shots from 12 to 18 feet from the basket.

Some power forwards, known as stretch fours , have since extended their shooting range to three-pointers. On defense, they are required to have the strength to guard bigger players close to the basket, and to have athleticism to guard quick players away from the basket. Most power forwards tend to be more versatile than centers since they can be part of plays and are not always in the low block.

The center C , also known as the five or the pivot , usually plays near the baseline, close to the basket the "low post". They are usually the tallest players on the floor. The center usually scores "down low, in the paint" near the basket, in the key , but some can be good perimeter shooters.

They are typically skilled at gathering rebounds, contesting shots and setting screens on plays. The center position has been traditionally considered one of the most important positions, if not the most important. The range of players used in the position has transitioned from relatively slower but much taller 'back to the basket' players to players who would normally be classified as power forwards but can dominate the position with their defensive skills, or mismatch ability to shoot from the high post.

This has been due to the scarcity of players possessing the combination of great skill, ideal height, and durability. This has been matched by the development of more fast-paced and athletic basketball play which calls for less traditional center play and a more up-and-down the court style.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. There are some references in the internet where you can find fundamentals on how to hold the ball properly. Feet should be kept pointing the hoop all the times before and after leaping or jumping.

Leap as high as you can when shooting the ball to get rid of block from the opponent or if you are a short-jumper, make use of quick release but make sure you practiced it so that you will not miss the shot.

There are many references in the internet you can read about shooting fundamentals. The most important here is that you are confident enough to shoot the ball and stay focus to avoid distractions. Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. Already answered Not a question Bad question Other. By using this service, some information may be shared with YouTube.

Tips If you are being guarded, attempt a pump fake to make the defender think you are going to shoot. When he jumps or takes his eyes off you, dribble away from him and into a good shooting position. If the defender knew where you are going and you already got the ball, dribble the ball and have some dribbling actions. The best is learning how to cross your defender and go to another vacant spot to shoot.

Practice with the team every time or you can have your close friends play with you and ask them to help you with your training. You can even ask siblings, relatives, or adults to help out. There are many techniques on how to get rid of defenders found in the internet and you can even watch videos about basketball drills.

Attend or join basketball programs and institutions to further improve your basketball skills, especially when it comes to shooting. You can also play and try to master basketball video games, since these virtual simulators can help educate you about basketball in a fun and an interactive way. Warnings Try to work with your team and come up with great strategies that can allow you to win the games more often. Don't shoot right away once you have the ball, follow steps above.

But if time is running out, this maybe an excuse, just pray it will go into ring. Don't run too much and don't stay idle too much as well. Don't stick too close to your defender because it will just give you difficulties to score a basket. Don't waste your energy, shooting requires energy.

You should rest if your defender has a tight defense on you. He will be tired of guarding you and you still can score, don't worry. If you got the ball and the defenders caught you, never attempt to shoot the ball. You will surely miss it and make your team angry. Basketball Print Edit Send fan mail to authors. Thanks to all authors for creating a page that has been read 32, times. Did this article help you?


An outline of tips for the basketball shooting guard. Learn tips to become a better scorer and improve in shooting the basketball. Becoming a Great Shooting Guard Tips has been rated out of 5 based on ratings and 8 user mp3indo.mls: 8. Mar 13,  · How to Become a Better Basketball Shooting Guard One of the great keys to be a great Basketball Shooting Guard is to have focus and confidence. If you are not focused during a game, you will never have an idea on where to have the spots where you can have those pretty shots and be able to have those great victories you and your team ever wished%(44).