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Dota 2 DreamLeague - Season 9. Punta Del Este Challenger Men. To use this option, click on the Archives menu and select the Details Player Tour Championship 8. You are here

2016-2017 Season

England Premier League Odds

To go back to the international rotation numbers, disable the Open Rotation Numbers option. Added Analysis for football games. Made the Gm column wider to enable 5-digit game numbers. Fixed an issue with using " " characters in MyColumns. When a game's time is not yet determined, it will show as TBA. You now have the option to give feedback. Go to Help Give feedback. Fixed an issue with getting line-history for a game from all sportsbooks when you select the Line History option from the right-click menu on any of the static fields such as team name.

Fixed a problem with the Clear Tab option when using it with MyViews. To use this option, click on the Archives menu and select the Details Tip of the day Pre-game color - option to select whether or not to color a game before it starts, how long before the game starts, and what color to use.

Game-started color - added option to select how long before the whole row is painted with the game-started color; up to that point, only the fixed-left columns are painted with the game-started color. Odds Watch - If no sportsbooks are set, the program now forces the setup. Pinnacle soccer now shows 0. Fixed slow scrolling issues. Fixed Notices display issues. Added quarter lines and NHL period lines. Added option to display finals in a separate window. Added option to display new finals alerts behind the old finals alerts.

Added Remove Game to the right-click menu when in MyViews. Added an option to toggle showing money when in Sides only or Totals only display mode. The default is to show money. When you get a newer version of the program, you will now get a notice explaining what has changed since the last version.

Fixed issues with fonts when running the program in an Operating System which uses a different sized default font than expected. Fixed an issue with printing money-lines and 1st half lines. Fixed an issue with remembering the Remove s options between program restarts. Added an option to remember the Display selection upon exit.

Display menu-item - Added a Display menu which gives you the option to view sides-only, or totals-only, or the default which is normally sides and totals. Shortcut-key setup - You can add shortcut-keys to all three of the Display options. Fixed an issue where the postponed games were not going to the bottom if you had the Move final-games to bottom selected.

You can now assign shortcut-keys to any tab, including MyViews. Assigning a shortcut-key to that function enables you to press the assigned key to cycle to the next MyView. When you are at the last MyView, pressing this key will take you to the first MyView.

If you only have one MyView, pressing that key will take you to that tab. To access this option, click on Setup and then Colors. Note that the Line Changes options under Setup has moved to this setup window. Added an option to select any color for the line-changes, in addition to the defaults.

Added options to select any color for games that have started, games that are final, and games that are postponed. Added options to change the default color for highlighting rows or columns. Added options to the right-click menu to select any color for highlighting cells, rows and columns. You can now highlight information columns such as Team or Record. If you have multiple windows, columns that are highlighting in one window will also highlight in other windows.

You can also assign a shortcut-key to get to the Alt-RL line-type. Fixed an issue with finding text in headers. Back to User Guide. Get My Gold Membership. Popular Sportsbooks BetOnline Bookmaker. Aug 02 - Oct Aug 05 - Sept Alicante Challenger Men Doubles. Mallorca Challenger Men Doubles. San Sebastian Challenger Men. Madrid Challenger Men Doubles. Marbella Challenger Men Doubles. Pozoblanco Challenger Men Doubles. Segovia Challenger Men Doubles. Seville Challenger Men Doubles.

Bastad Challenger Men Doubles. Jonkoping Challenger Men Doubles. Geneva Challenger Men Doubles. Kaohsiung Challenger Men Doubles. Taipei Challenger Men Doubles. Taipei Challenger Women Doubles. Bangkok 2 Challenger Men. Bangkok 2 Challenger Men Doubles. Bangkok 3 Challenger Men.

Bangkok 3 Challenger Men Doubles. Bangkok 4 Challenger Men. Bangkok 4 Challenger Men Doubles. Bangkok Challenger Men Doubles. Exhibition Hua Hin Women. Hua Hin Challenger Men Doubles. Hua Hin Challenger Women. Hua Hin Challenger Women Doubles.

Tunis Challenger Men Doubles. Eskisehir Challenger Men Doubles. Istanbul Challenger Men Doubles. Izmir Challenger Men Doubles. Mersin Challenger Men Doubles. Agri Challenger Men Doubles.

Batman Challenger Men Doubles. Istanbul 2 Challenger Men. Istanbul 2 Challenger Men Doubles. Chicago Challenger Men Doubles. Chicago Challenger Women Doubles. Baton Rouge Challenger Men. Aptos Challenger Men Doubles. Binghamton Challenger Men Doubles. Champaign Challenger Men Doubles. Charlottesville Challenger Men Doubles.

Dallas Challenger Men Doubles. Irving Challenger Men Doubles. Knoxville Challenger Men Doubles. Lexington Challenger Men Doubles. Maui - Hawaii Challenger Men. Maui - Hawaii Challenger Men Doubles. Napa Challenger Men Doubles. Sacramento Challenger Men Doubles. Sarasota Challenger Men Doubles. Savannah Challenger Men Doubles. Tallahassee Challenger Men Doubles. Tiburon Challenger Men Doubles. Tulsa Challenger Men Doubles. Winnetka Challenger Men Doubles. Carlsbad Challenger Women Doubles.

Cary Challenger Men Doubles. Columbus 2 Challenger Men Doubles. Columbus Challenger Men Doubles. Fairfield Challenger Men Doubles. Honolulu Challenger Women Doubles. Indian Wells Challenger Men. Indian Wells Challenger Men Doubles. Indian Wells Challenger Women. Indian Wells Challenger Women Doubles. Las Vegas Challenger Men Doubles. Newport Beach Challenger Men. Newport Beach Challenger Men Doubles. Newport Beach Challenger Women. Newport Beach Challenger Women Doubles. San Antonio Challenger Women.

San Antonio Challenger Women Doubles. San Francisco Challenger Men. San Francisco Challenger Men Doubles. Stockton Challenger Men Doubles. Tempe Challenger Men Doubles. Exhibition Abu Dhabi Men. Exhibition Abu Dhabi Women.

Exhibition Boodles Challenge Women. Jersey 2 Challenger Men. Exhibition London BlackRock Men. Nottingham 2 Challenger Men. Exhibition Boodles Challenge - Doubles Men. Exhibition Boodles Challenge Men. Glasgow Challenger Men Doubles. Ilkley Challenger Men Doubles. ITF Nottingham 2 Women. ITF Nottingham 3 Women. Loughborough Challenger Men Doubles. Manchester Challenger Men Doubles. Nottingham 2 Challenger Men Doubles.

Nottingham Challenger Men Doubles. Surbiton Challenger Men Doubles. Montevideo Challenger Men Doubles. Punta Del Este Challenger Men. Fergana Challenger Men Doubles. Karshi Challenger Men Doubles. Samarkand Challenger Men Doubles.

Tashkent Challenger Men Doubles. Olympic Games Mixed Doubles. Exhibition Match for Africa Men. Exhibition World Tennis Day Men. Exhibition World Tennis Day Women. Exhibition Laver Cup - Doubles Men. Exhibition Laver Cup Teams. Exhibition Tie Break Tens Men. Exhibition Tie Break Tens Women.

African Championship U18 Women. Asia Championship U16 Women. Southeast Asian Games Women. European Championship U20 Women. European Championship U20 B Women. European Championship U18 Women.

European Championship U18 B Women. European Championship U18 C Women. European Championship U16 Women. European Championship U16 B Women. European Championship U16 C Women. Small Countries European Championship. Small Countries European Championship Women. Games of the Small States of Europe. Games of the Small States of Europe Women. Europe Cup 3x3 U18 Women. Americas Championship U18 Women. Energa Basket Liga Women.

South American Championship Women. Mediterranean Games 3x3 Women. Stankovic Continental Cup 2. World Championship U19 Women. World Championship U17 Women. Pan American Games Women. World Cup 3x3 U18 Women. World Tour Saskatoon 3x3. World Tour Utsunomiya 3x3. World Tour Lausanne 3x3. World Tour Debrecen 3x3. World Tour Mexico City 3x3. World Hockey Challenge U International Tournament South Korea.

IB - Qualification Women. European Championship U20 B. European Championship U18 B. European Championship U19 Women. European Championship U17 Women. Golden League - France Women. Golden League - Denmark Women. World Championship U20 Women. World Championship U18 Women. Pan American Championship Women.

Pan American Club Championship. Pan American Club Championship Women. European Rugby Champions Cup. Sevens Europe Series - England.

Sevens Europe Series - France. Sevens Europe Series - Poland. Sevens Europe Series Women - France. Sevens Europe Series Women - Russia. Seven's World Series - Australia. Seven's World Series - Canada. Seven's World Series - Dubai.

Seven's World Series - England. Seven's World Series - France. Seven's World Series - Hong Kong. Seven's World Series - Japan.

Seven's World Series - New Zealand. Seven's World Series - Scotland. Seven's World Series - Singapore. Seven's World Series - South Africa. Olympic Games 7's Women.

Commonwealth Games 7's Women. Seven's World Series Women - Australia. Seven's World Series Women - Canada. Seven's World Series Women - Dubai. Seven's World Series Women - France. Seven's World Series Women - Japan. Euro Floorball Tour Czech Republic. Euro Floorball Tour Finland. Euro Floorball Tour Sweden. Euro Floorball Tour Switzerland. Euro Floorball Tour Women Finland.

Euro Floorball Tour Women Sweden. Euro Floorball Tour Women Switzerland. Asian Club Championship Women. Asian Championship U19 Women.

Division Play Offs Women. Golden European League Women. Silver European League Women. European Championships U18 Women. European Championships U17 Women. European Championships U16 Women. Cup of Siberia and Far East. Cup of Siberia and Far East Women. South American Club Championship. South American Club Championship Women. Club World Championship Women. World Championship U23 Women. Grand Champions Cup Women. Top Volley International Women.

Boris Yeltsin Cup Women. Pan-American Cup U23 Women. Pan-American Cup U20 Women. North India Champions League. Tamil Nadu Premier League. Burger King Super Smash. President's Cup One-Day Tournament. T20 Tri-Series Sri Lanka. One Day International Women. Quadrangular Series T20 Women. Asian Player Tour Championship 4.

Euro Player Tour Championship 7. Euro Player Tour Championship 8. Player Tour Championship Finals. Player Tour Championship 1. Player Tour Championship 2. Player Tour Championship 3. Player Tour Championship 4. Player Tour Championship 5. Player Tour Championship 6. Player Tour Championship 7. Player Tour Championship 8. Player Tour Championship 9. Player Tour Championship Light Flyweight - Others matches Men.

Super Flyweight - Others matches Women. Flyweight - British Title Men. Featherweight - British Title Men. Lightweight - 10 Round Bout Men. Super Lightweight - Others matches Men. Light Welterweight - British Title Men. Super Welterweight - Others matches Men. Light Middleweight - 12 Round Bout Men. Light Heavyweight - 12 Round Bout Men.

Heavyweight - 12 Round Bout Men. Catchweight - 12 Round Bout Men. Flyweight - Others matches Women. Welterweight - Others matches Women. Bantamweight - British Title Men. Bantamweight - Olympic Games Men. Bantamweight - Others matches Men. Catchweight - Others matches Men. Cruiserweight - 10 Round Bout Men. Cruiserweight - 12 Round Bout Men.

Cruiserweight - British and Commonwealth Titles Men. Cruiserweight - British Title Men. Cruiserweight - Southern Area Title Men. Featherweight - 12 Round Bout Men. Featherweight - British and Commonwealth Titles Men.

Featherweight - Commonwealth Title Men. Featherweight - Others matches Men. Flyweight - British and Commonwealth Titles Men. Flyweight - Olympic Games Men. Flyweight - Olympic Games Women. Heavyweight - 10 Round Bout Men. Heavyweight - 8 Round Bout Men. Heavyweight - British and Commonwealth Titles Men. Heavyweight - British Title Men.

Heavyweight - Commonwealth Title Men. Heavyweight - English Title Men. Heavyweight - EU Title Men. Heavyweight - Irish Title Men. Heavyweight - Olympic Games Men. Heavyweight - Others matches Men.

Heavyweight - Prizefighter Men. Heavyweight - Southern Area Title Men. Light Flyweight - Olympic Games Men. Light Heavyweight - British Title Men. Light Heavyweight - Commonwealth Title Men. Light Heavyweight - Olympic Games Men. Light Heavyweight - Others matches Men. Light Middleweight - 10 Round Bout Men. Light Middleweight - British Title Men. Light Middleweight - Interim Title Men.

Light Middleweight - Others matches Men. Light Welterweight - 10 Round Bout Men. Light Welterweight - 12 Round Bout Men. Light Welterweight - Commonwealth Titles Men. Light Welterweight - Olympic Games Men. Lightweight - 12 Round Bout Men. Lightweight - British and European Titles Men. Lightweight - British Title Men. Lightweight - Commonwealth Title Men. Lightweight - Interim Title Men. Lightweight - Olympic Games Men. Lightweight - Olympic Games Women.

Lightweight - Others matches Men. Lightweight - Prizefighter Men. Middleweight - 10 Round Bout Men. Middleweight - 12 Round Bout Men. Middleweight - British Title Men. Middleweight - Commonwealth Title Men. Middleweight - Olympic Games Men. Middleweight - Olympic Games Women. Middleweight - Others matches Men. Super Bantamweight - 12 Round Bout Men. Super Bantamweight - British Title Men.

Super Bantamweight - Celtic Title Men. Super Bantamweight - Commonwealth Title Men. Super Featherweight - 12 Round Bout Men. Super Featherweight - British Title Men. Super Featherweight - Commonwealth Title Men.

Super Featherweight - Others matches Men. Super Flyweight - British Title Men. Super Flyweight - Commonwealth Title Men. Super Heavyweight - Olympic Games Men. Super Middleweight - 12 Round Bout Men. Super Middleweight - 8 Round Bout Men. Super Middleweight - British Title Men. Super Middleweight - Commonwealth Title Men. Super Middleweight - Others matches Men. Welterweight - 10 Round Bout Men.

Welterweight - 12 Round Bout Men. Welterweight - British Title Men. Welterweight - Commonwealth Title Men. Welterweight - English Title Men.

Welterweight - Olympic Games Men. Welterweight - Others matches Men. Welterweight - Prizefighter Men. Catchweight - 10 Round Bout Men. Cruiserweight - Commonwealth Title Men. Featherweight - 10 Round Bout Men. Featherweight - British and European Titles Men.

Flyweight - Commonwealth Title Men. Heavyweight - 6 Round Bout Men. Heavyweight - British and European Titles Men. Light Heavyweight - 10 Round Bout Men. Lightweight - 8 Round Bout Men. Middleweight - EU Title Men. Super Middleweight - English Title Men. Welterweight - British and Commonwealth Titles Men. Welterweight - Interim Title Men. Cruiserweight - Others matches Men.

Cruiserweight - World Super Series Men. Flyweight - English Title Men. Flyweight - Others matches Men. Light Welterweight - Others matches Men.

Lightweight - English Title Men. Lightweight - Others matches Women. Middleweight - Interim Title Men. Middleweight - Prizefighter Men. Super Bantamweight - 10 Round Bout Men. Super Bantamweight - Others matches Men. Super Bantamweight - Spanish Title Men. Super Flyweight - Others matches Men. Super Lightweight - British Title Men. Super Lightweight - Commonwealth Title Men. Super Middleweight - Interim Title Men.

Super Middleweight - Others matches Women. Corrientes Grand Slam Men. Corrientes Grand Slam Women. Klagenfurt Grand Slam Men. Klagenfurt Grand Slam Women. Sao Paulo Grand Slam Men. Sao Paulo Grand Slam Women. Rio Grand Slam Women. Rio de Janeiro Women. Beijing Grand Slam Men. Beijing Grand Slam Women. Shanghai Grand Slam Men.

Shanghai Grand Slam Women. Xiamen Grand Slam Men. Xiamen Grand Slam Women. Middle European Championship Men. European Championship U20 Men. European Championship U23 Men. European Championship U18 Men. European Championship U22 Men. European Championship U22 Women. European Championship U23 Women. Middle European Championship Women. Marseille Grand Slam Men. Marseille Grand Slam Women. Berlin Grand Slam Men. Berlin Grand Slam Women.

Foro Italico Grand Slam Men. Foro Italico Grand Slam Women. Rome Grand Slam Women. Yokohama Grand Slam Men. Yokohama Grand Slam Women. Puerto Vallarta Open Men. Puerto Vallarta Open Women. Hague Grand Slam Men. Hague Grand Slam Women. Stavanger Grand Slam Men. Stavanger Grand Slam Women. Mazury Grand Slam Men. Mazury Grand Slam Women. Olsztyn Grand Slam Men. Olsztyn Grand Slam Women. Stare Jablonki Grand Slam Men. Stare Jablonki Grand Slam Women. Satu Mare Satellite Women.

Moscow Grand Slam Men. Moscow Grand Slam Women. Novi Sad Masters Men. Gstaad Grand Slam Men. Gstaad Grand Slam Women.

Long Beach Grand Slam Men. Long Beach Grand Slam Women. Petersburg Grand Slam Men. Petersburg Grand Slam Women. Tuan Chau Island Women. World University Championship Men.

World University Championship Women. World Championship U21 Men. World Championship U19 Men. Olympic Test Event Women. World Championship U21 Women. Continental Cup Teams Men. Continental Cup Teams Women. World Championship U17 Men. World Championship U23 Men. World Tour Finals Men. World Tour Finals Women. Asia Championships Teams - Mix. Asia Championships Teams Teams Men. Asia Championships Teams Teams - Women. Superseries Australian Open Doubles Men.

Superseries Australian Open Doubles Women. Superseries Australian Open Men. Superseries Australian Open Mixed Doubles. Superseries Australian Open Women. Grand Prix Brasil Open Men. Grand Prix Brasil Open Women. Grand Prix Canada Open Men. Grand Prix Canada Open Women. Grand Prix China Masters Men. Grand Prix China Masters Women.

Superseries China Masters Doubles Men. Superseries China Masters Doubles Women. Superseries China Masters Men.

Superseries China Masters Mixed Doubles. Superseries China Masters Women. Superseries China Open Doubles Men. Superseries China Open Doubles Women. Superseries China Open Men. Superseries China Open Mixed Doubles. Superseries China Open Women. Superseries Denmark Open Doubles Men. Superseries Denmark Open Doubles Women. Superseries Denmark Open Men.

Superseries Denmark Open Mixed Doubles. Superseries Denmark Open Women. Superseries All England Open Men. Superseries All England Open Women. European Championships Teams - Mix. European Championships Teams Teams Men. European Championships Teams Teams - Women. European Club Championships Teams - Mix.

Superseries French Open Doubles Men. Superseries French Open Doubles Women. Superseries French Open Men. Superseries French Open Mixed Doubles. Superseries French Open Women. Grand Prix German Open Men. Grand Prix German Open Women. Grand Prix Bitburger Open Men. Grand Prix Bitburger Open Women.

Superseries Hong Kong Open Men. Superseries Hong Kong Open Women. Superseries India Open Doubles Men. Superseries India Open Doubles Women. Superseries India Open Men.

Superseries India Open Mixed Doubles. Superseries India Open Women. Grand Prix Indonesian Masters Men. Grand Prix Indonesian Masters Women. Superseries Indonesia Open Doubles Men. Superseries Indonesia Open Doubles Women. Superseries Indonesia Open Men. Superseries Indonesia Open Mixed Doubles.

Superseries Indonesia Open Women. Superseries Japan Open Doubles Men. Superseries Japan Open Doubles Women. Superseries Japan Open Men. Superseries Japan Open Mixed Doubles. Superseries Japan Open Women.

Grand Prix Macau Open Men. Grand Prix Macau Open Women. Grand Prix Malaysia Masters Men. Grand Prix Malaysia Masters Women. Superseries Malaysia Open Doubles Men. Superseries Malaysia Open Doubles Women. Superseries Malaysia Open Men. Superseries Malaysia Open Mixed Doubles. Superseries Malaysia Open Women. Grand Prix Mexico City Men. Grand Prix Mexico City Women. Grand Prix Dutch Open Men.

Grand Prix Dutch Open Women. Grand Prix Russian Open Men. Grand Prix Russian Open Women. Grand Prix Scottish Open Men. Grand Prix Scottish Open Women. Superseries Singapore Open Doubles Men. Superseries Singapore Open Doubles Women. Superseries Singapore Open Men. Superseries Singapore Open Mixed Doubles. Superseries Singapore Open Women. Grand Prix Korea Masters Men.

Grand Prix Korea Masters Women.


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