Bet Tracker Excel Spreadsheet for Your Sports Betting

Duff posted a link to http: Is it possible for this to have the American odds format instead of decimal? Is there anyway i can still download it? Want to bring in ATS records, schedules, current spreads, drive data, individual play data, box scores, etc.??? Originally Posted by jolmscheid. 4 Comments

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Why use a sports betting tracker?

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37 rows · A BASIC KEY FOR THE SPREADSHEET: (in response to a few queries on Twitter and Facebook) RATINGS: These are the ratings for the two teams adjusted for the venue. H = Home Team, A = Away Team, M = Margin between the two sides. Jan 21,  · Either way Tom's spreadsheet has been a perfect accompaniment for me to SBR's. The OP was asking for options. This spreadsheet is probably the most used - and its updates anticipated - . Jun 15,  · Bet Tracker Excel Spreadsheet for Your Sports Betting With the exclusive Bet O’Clock sports bet tracker you can revolutionise the way you manage and track your wagers. Click this link to get the sports bet tracker, and our guide will help you get to grips with using it.5/5(1).