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They will call bets loses when the game was abandoned or even a winning bet, in my case. Customer service is quick and helpful from my experience. You will lose no matter how good you think you are. Is Bovada Sportsbook Legal In The USA?

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Is Bovada Legit?

You can also contact them via online submission form as well as email at service bovada. You would think a response might take a while via the online route, but the site is dedicated to replying within a four hour window which is great considering the popularity of the site. In conclusion we highly recommend using Bovada if you are are from the US and looking to gamble online.

They have a long standing positive reputation and have been providing an exceptional service for over a decade. There is an initial processing request time of 48 hours. After that it takes withdrawals via check around business days. There are no fees if you use Bitcoin however if you choose to withdraw via check, it is free only on the first time per 90 days.

All users are required to be of at least 18 years old. When you register at Bovada they ask you to confirm your legal age which is monitored to verify you are not under aged. Bovada has been a little bit late in offering live dealer games but they finally have them now as of March The software utilized is Visionary iGaming and the games include: Bovada's software is audited by an Australian company called iTech labs.

Bovada's certificate to prove fairness can be found here. Read our step by step bitcoin guide. Average Rating on other sites 84 Complete 4. Bovada Review An extension of the infamous Bodog brand, Bovada has established themselves as one of the leading online casinos catering towards US players. Bovada FAQs How long does it take to get your money from bovada? Withdrawals via Bitcoin can be almost instant up to 15 minutes.

Craziest part they took the money from the 2 other loses real quick though! Site and place straight scam. Take heed and stay away Luckily my bank looked into it and I will never go back to this site. It is not legit.

After we gave them all the proof that it was our credit card they closed our account for having another account we lost access to a couple of years ago. Stay off this site they are scammers! Me and my best friend made bets on the same rounds etc and I bet compared to his They gave me so many BS reason on why he won and why I did and told me intially that I used bonus money to win the bet as opposed to my deposited money.

After agreeing that there is nothing on there site in their "terms and conditions" to support any reason why I could receive my money, I was then told that I needed to submit a document to verify my identity and submit a copy of my bank card and photo ID and within 48 hours I would be contacted and allowed to start the withdrawal process.

These people are so unprofessional and really don't give a damn about customers once you deposit money. When I first setup my account, I didn't deposit any money Now I can't get any answer out of them. Just keep getting, it takes 48 hours when that has been passed for several days at this point.

I would avoid this site if not for any other reason, their customer service sucks. I just Signed up for this site but I'm able to disable from these comments.

It's only 1 positive comment all the other 20 comments said it was a scam so it must be a scam.. Told them it was great and they should get on it. Well, they deposited a couple thousand each and most made money.

One of them made a bet on a sports game I don't know a lot about gambling well he won 11k! Next minute, my partner and all of his friends' accounts have been frozen. So not only can they not withdraw their winnings, but their hard earned cash has been frozen pending some bullshit investigation. My poor guy is in such a bad way over it as he's gone through some tough luck over the last year losing 50k his entire savings to a trusted friend then getting beaten down by several other unforseeable events.

He recommended this site to friends who trust his opinion. Now on top of being essentially robbed, he feels responsible for their losses as well as his own and was even feeling obligated to reimburse them out of his pocket. Some people don't have a huge bankroll to play with and what they are doing is seriously impacting people's lives.

People who may already be in a fragile state. Experiencing that high after winning and then having that torn away in such a brutal way is plain callous and malicious considering they represent themselves as a legitimate and trustworthy site. Who can be contact to investigate? If anyone can provide me with where to find a bunch of web forums I can blow up with this information - it would be appreciated!

Class action suit anyone? They had no problem taking money from me over and over when I lost, but when I won this time they came up with some excuse and closed my account. Do not sign up with them. They have no problem at all taking your money but as soon as you win especially off bonuses they will disable your account and forfeit the funds with no valid reason.

I went back and forth with BOVADA for two weeks I sent all of my information to prove my identity and they still would not unlock my account or pay me my money.

They have poor customer service and every time I would call they would put the same guy on the phone by the name of Tony and he would never be able to give me an update. All the negative comments must be from people who get a slots only bonus and then go run it up on black Jack. I think they are the fastest cashiers around via bitcoin. They just don't want to pay when you hit big bets. They do not pay if you win.

The so called "bonus" is a bonus for them. Take USD then when you have a win they are deceptive in payouts. Had email offering my withdrawal in USD then hrs later Bovada decided they wanted to pay out in Euro. Bovada customer were also very vague when questioned It's a scam for sure. It said if successful went threw but I never got my dollars in my balance and my card was charged! I don't wanna do this if it's a scam or something.

One of those numbers is Playing today and 20 came up four times. I would say it was a freak thing, but it did it again after only a few more spins. This and all online casinos that use RNG software are rigged. Requested a check by courier and now every other day I get a message asking me or telling me they're going to send it in two installments and I should do bitcoins or have it wired instead. I finally gave in and gave them my bank info. Said they couldn't wire it because my bank didn't have a swift code.

This website is such a scam I wish someone had the power to give everyone their winnings or money back then shut it down. Site looks legit but it's absolutely a scam. You won't be sorry. Some how the can change the out come of the dice cards or ball on roulette.

I closed my account out and moving on. I could write paragraph after paragraph to explain this but I simply don't have the time. Let's just say the "bonus program" is a total heist.

Bovada is a scam commented: Today I could not get money back and they spoke to me very improper way and even threatened saying I am misusing the site. They mentioned they will give my original deposited money back but not the winnings. They closed my account, threatened me. They say people from New York city are not allowed to play.

I asked them to show where was it written, they came up with another thing saying I violated the website I am planning to file a legal case on this issue I need your directions If any body has any quick reference please let me know, otherwise I will contact an attorney. Please stay away from bovada Please save your time and Money. The design and functionality of their site is atrocious. I'm not a programmer or anything but it seems like it's eating up way too much memory.

It also takes way too many clicks to see all of their lines for a given sport. I've only deposited with credit card. No issues so far but they do charge a transaction fee of a few percent which is somewhat standard but annoying nonetheless. On the plus side, their selection is generally pretty good. Overall Bovada isn't the greatest but they seem safe and reliable and that is important to me.

Probably the easiest book to use when starting to bet. Big book, great for beginners. Very flashy site and pretty easy to use. Have odds on most things.

Once you are into the hobby a little bit, you realize their odds are pretty trash compared to what you can get at other sites. I haven't played there ever since I started taking betting semi-seriously. Easy book to use, safe, but with the odds as bad as they are on that site, it's much much harder to make a profit there over the longterm. Overall solid, but if you can better odds on almost every game on a different site, then why wouldn't you?

I have heard good things about Pinnacle, Heritage, and Nitrogen and would be okay with recommending any of them, depending on where you live. Why does it matter? I live in NJ, a state where Bovada is illegal.

So what's my next best option? I just started betting on sports last month and have only used Bovada so far. I'm not sure how comparative Bovada's customer service is to other books, but it is amazing. I had a few issues signing up and verifying my location, and I would call their support. I was instantly connected to somebody who helped me through my issue. Bovada also has a large selection of prop bets which I don't use much and live bets, which I use to get some favorable lines.

The website is easy to use and safe. I deposited with my debit card and haven't experienced any issues. Overall, I really like this book. But I don't love her. The juice is usually weak and lines post late. She's my side boo, but not my main squeeze. She never refuses to pay, and she gives great bonuses. Had a fraud transaction today. Used site over 2 years and this is first time they done this.

Amount is too much to turn back and forgive. They will void your winning bets if it's their fault for offering odds that they see as too great. Let me preface with you have to watch your winning bets close. They will call bets loses when the game was abandoned or even a winning bet, in my case.

I called at I said, "look that's okay but void my bets on everything pertaining to goals scored in this game". He went off and put me on hold to talk to managers or something and came back to tell me that the only bet the should be cancelled was the one that had "frozen lines" I was pretty pissed and now just emailed them to ask again to fix this or else I'll switch bookies and tell people to avoid them, which is all I can really threaten them with I think.

Anyways I am awaiting an email response to see if we can act like this game never happened because in my opinion, their messed up odds that led me to back in case it lose should be refunded as well as the bet with "messed up odds". Sorry if that's confusing, just wanted to vent I guess and warn others about Bovada.

I guess I will be switching but need to find a decent bookie all over again. One that Chicago would score the next goal 2. This happened right around the 50 minute mark. Game remarkably ended with Orlando down to 9 men. My bets are settled, I come up a few units and go to bed. This morning I come back I call bovada and they tell me "your bets were past post The customer service agent tells me there is nothing they can do and that this happened to many other customers as well.


Gambling should be entertaining. Remember that you always risk losing the money you bet, so do not spend more than you can afford to lose. If you think you may have a problem, click here. This method will also take up to 48 hours to be processed, and from there, can take up to business days to reach you. This might seem like a long time, but Bovada actually has the speediest payouts of any online sportsbook. Dec 02,  · They say it may take 48 hours which I am going on my third day now so it's not a huge delay yet. I'm just checking to see if anyone else is experiencing slow payout with Bovada.