Saints DBs help Mariota throw TD pass (VIDEO)

The Westgate Las Vegas SuperBook now has roughly prop bets up , one of several books to put up a full complement of props on Thursday evening. Julio Jones Receiving Yards Celtics points scored Even if it happens, the odds are so bad that it renders this bet pointless. Go neutral with it. I like the purple option. What to Read Next

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Saquon Barkley had a historically weird stat line in Giants loss to Cowboys

The playoffs should eliminate some of the talent mismatches and produce closer games and with it, more overtimes , but since , only 7. What will be the largest lead of the game by either team? In the first game between these two teams earlier this season, the largest lead was 10 points.

Will the game be decided by exactly three points? The line for this game sees the Patriots favored by three points.

The Spreadapedia database tells us that there have been games since where one team was favored by exactly three points. One hundred fourteen of those games ended with one team or the other winning by exactly three points.

This one seems like it lacks value on either side. This bet asks you whether the game will be tied at any point after the first score. The tie has to come after an extra point or two-point conversion is scored.

This did happen at during the first game, but again, it seems like a referendum on whether you think the game is going to be close or not. What will the final score of the game be? A close game would seem to favor a field goal serving as the final score, since teams playing in a blowout are unlikely to take three points when they need a lot more than three to catch up.

This is essentially a prop for nostalgic Pats fans wistful for the days of Adam Vinatieri. How many points will the two teams combine to score? Regardless of the pregame line, just 9. Unless you have some serious premonition that a thriller is coming or you expect the teams to combine for 12 points in overtime , you might just want to stick with going over the standard total of Will either team score in the first 5.

In Week 9, these two teams squared off in Foxborough and did not score during the first 5. They did not score during the second 5. Such a score has only happened in three of the past 10 Super Bowls, though, and the Giants took 9: How long will the longest touchdown of the game be? If neither team scores a touchdown, this bet pushes, which means that the initial investment is returned to bettors without any profit or loss.

These teams have only combined to score 11 touchdowns of 50 yards or more in 37 games this season while allowing just five in four distinct games. As tempting as it is to want to see Victor Cruz streaking off into the distance as a trail of Patriots wide receivers and special teamers chase him in vain, the under seems like the stronger play here. How many touchdowns will the two teams combine to score? Through the first 16 weeks of the season in other words, with starters in place , teams only scored seven or more touchdowns Remember that the Patriots have the fourth-best red zone offense in football , while the Giants are ninth.

The Pats and Giants rank 17th and 19th, respectively, in red zone defense. Two quarters were scoreless in the first game! Alternate Giants Lines Giants Well, you can put your money where your mouth is with one of these alternate lines, each of which add a half-point to the four key numbers in football betting.

These alternate lines, on the other hand, allow you to bet on the Giants as favorites with superior payouts as the possible prize. The last time a Super Bowl underdog won by that large of a margin was , when the 3.

In which half will Eli Manning accrue more gross passing yards? This is a bet you can take advantage of if your read on the Giants winning by a large margin is correct.

The other part is that the Giants are underdogs and, as a result, likely to be trailing during the second half. In the playoff win over the Packers, as an example, Manning had the lead for most of the second half and threw just nine times after 24 first-half attempts.

How many carries will Brandon Jacobs have? This goes in concert with the Manning bet. A reduction in second-half passing means more carries for Jacobs and Ahmad Bradshaw , which should bump him well over the eight-carry total. How many different Giants will score? With this bet, you get to include any points accrued by the kicker and by players on two-point conversions, but Eli Manning needs to score as a runner or, gulp, a receiver to qualify.

So three touchdowns by three different players would kick this bet into the win column. How many points will the Giants win by? Your fellow Giants fan friends have been celebrating for the better part of two hours, ever since Tom Brady fell on his arm halfway through the first quarter and has mysteriously tried to throw all his passes underhand ever since.

Alternate Patriots Lines Patriots Just like the Giants, you can bet on a Patriots blowout if your heart is truly motivated to do so. The backdoor cover on a line like How many carries will BenJarvus Green-Ellis have? Green-Ellis has averaged And that dude has a platinum football field. This line might move quickly.

What will happen first? The Patriots have played 18 games this year, including their two playoff contests, and scored before punting in nine of them. Will the Patriots score in all four quarters?

The Patriots have done this in 17 of 35 games over the past two seasons, but the Giants represent a better pass defense than most of that opposition, and they held the Patriots scoreless for two quarters during the first tilt. In a big Patriots win, though, it seems unlikely that Belichick would take his starters out or stop throwing the ball.

Remember what he did to Tim Tebow. Who will score more points? This spread adds How many receptions will Rob Gronkowski have? Yes, of course, it was a touchdown. Will Rob Gronkowski score a touchdown in the first half? These two bets, taken together, are a very weird mix.

The given likelihood of Gronkowski scoring a touchdown in the first half is just Those two numbers imply that Gronkowski will score in the second half about I hope somebody offers that. How many receiving yards will Rob Gronkowski accrue? If Rob Gronkowski goes for or more yards in the Super Bowl, the first round of the NFL draft will consist of 32 tight ends, selected in descending order of their relationship with pornography.

How many field goals will Stephen Gostkowski make? And this is your final counterbet. That should produce two or more field goals for Gostkowski. This bet is as simple as can be. Whoever picks up the first touchdown gets paid, and everyone else loses. Quarterbacks only win if they run the ball in or catch a pass gulp, still , as the receiver gets credit for the touchdown in this scenario.

With that in mind, what about Ballard? That leaves some very viable candidates up and down the lineup. Green-Ellis is the featured back in short yardage, but Woodhead should see more snaps as a pass blocker and could score on a draw if the Patriots go no-huddle for their opening drive. A Brady sneak would do the trick, but imagine the bragging rights you would have if you successfully bet on a Chad Ochocinco touchdown to start the Super Bowl and won? That would put you right up there with the guys who made it to every Super Bowl as far as exclusive fraternities.

Of course, if this game gets to the fourth quarter without a touchdown being scored, you will probably require medical assistance. These are five prop bets where the favored side of the bet seems like good value, even if the odds are extremely high. How many kickoff returns will the two teams combine for?

In their 32 regular-season games this year, the Giants and Patriots averaged a total of 6. Take Adam Vinatieri, who spent three years on kickoff duty with the Colts from after he moved over from New England. During his final three years with the Patriots, Vinatieri produced touchbacks on 7. That produces a paucity of touchbacks. Mesko has just 10 touchbacks on attempts in 35 career NFL games. There are about seven or eight safeties each year in the NFL. My unofficial count this year is eight, but for some reason, six of them involved these two teams in one way or another.

Is that meaningful when it comes to predicting the likelihood of a safety in the Super Bowl? Ochocinco has to be active for this bet to actually play, which is the tricky part.

Which team will accrue more penalty yards? One good way to find prop bets that suggest you might have a problem is when Vegas just lists two sides without a spread at The full list of Super Bowl side wagers range from the straightforward to the obscure. Interestingly, at odds, the bookmakers give Gostowski a better chance to win MVP than any defensive player on either team. According to William Hill, the moneyline odds are that he will.

What will the first accepted penalty be? False start leads the way with odds. Who will score first in the second quarter? The Patriots are slightly favored. Who will be called for more penalties: The Pats are moneyline favorites. The last time the two Premier League sides squared off, only one yellow card was issued. That seems like a very low bar for Brady, especially considering that kneel downs are counted as rushing attempts.

The year-old quarterback had 25 rushing attempts in 16 regular season games and six attempts in two playoff games this season. Lastly, one wager may appeal to the degenerate gambler:


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